BLUETTI D40 DC-DC Battery Charger


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  • Compatible Models: BLUETTI AC200L
  • *12V / 30A, 400W Max. DC Output
  • *Compatible with LiFePO₄, AGM / Gel, Lead-acid, and Calcium Batteries
  • *Charge RV House Battery via AC200L / Solar Panels / Starter Batteries
  • *House / Starter Battery Protection
  • *Charge up 12V RV Appliances
  • Click To Download BLUETTI D40 User Manual

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    D40: Plug-and-Play DC-DC Battery Charger for AC200L

    Elevate your power experience with the D40, a compact and robust DC-DC battery charger meticulously crafted to complement our formidable AC200L power station. Engineered with cutting-edge electronic protections and input-to-output isolation, the D40 guarantees utmost efficiency and safety in every charge. Simply integrate D40 into your RV or marine vessel, enhancing your power capabilities with reliable and efficient charging.

    Universal Compatibility

    The D40 offers unparalleled compatibility with diverse battery types, including LiFePO₄, AGM / gel, lead-acid, and calcium batteries. Furthermore, when paired with the AC200L, the D40 can fuel all your 12V loads. Whether you're navigating the open road or setting sail on an adventure, the D40 ensures a hassle-free journey with reliable power delivery.

    Empowering Various Sources

    Unlock the true potential of your power with versatile output options of D40. Whether drawing power from the AC200L, solar panels, or the starter battery, the D40 charges your house battery or DC devices with ease. Experience uninterrupted power supply with optimal convenience and performance.

    Seamless Control, Effortless Power Management

    With the D40's intuitive interface, streamlining your power management has never been simpler! It features clear indicators and user-friendly controls, allowing you to stay informed with real-time charging status, fine-tune settings, and more.

    Never Run Out of Power

    Suitable for various occasions



    Charging Power:

    Approx. 2kg / 4.4lbs

    232.7mm × 180.7mm × 69.2mm / 9.2in × 7.1in × 2.7in

    Working Temperature:
    -20°C to 45°C / -4°F to 113°F

    Storage Temperature:
    -20°C to 50°C / -4°F to 122°F

    Working Humidity:
    10% to 90%

    43dB Max.

    Working Altitude:
    Up to 2,000m / 6,561ft

    Protection Grade:

    DC Output

    30A Max. 20A Max. (AC200L and other BLUETTI portable power stations)

    Lead-acid 14.4V Max.
    LiFePO₄ 14.4V Max.
    AGM / gel 14.7V Max.
    Calcium 15.4V Max.

    Load Mode:
    12V / 20A (AC200L and other BLUETTI portable power stations)

    DC Input

    48V DC:
    45V to 60VDC

    PV / Starter Battery:
    12V to 36VDC, 20A Max.

    In The Box

    User Manual

    BLUETTI D40 DC-DC Battery Charger User Manual

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