Reliable Power Security to Get Through Any Emergency

Whether you want to reduce dependence on the grid, lower your monthly energy costs, or store energy to survive blackouts, BLUETTI offers a wide range of home backup power solutions to satisfy all your needs.


Disaster Preparedness

Get your power prepared. In times of uncertainty, you and your family are well-protected from any unexpected disasters.

Off-grid Woodworking

Unleash your creativity and flourish your craftsmanship with confidence, as sufficient power can keep your tools ready to use.

Remote Working

Keep all your devices charged without constraints, and elevate your working experience and productivity no matter where you are.

Frequent Power Outages

Seamlessly integrate backup power into your home, providing consistent energy to keep your life running smoothly.

Effcient Solar

Clean & Green Energy

EP500 & EP500 Pro

EP500 and EP500Pro are all-in-one power stations for outdoor adventures and home backup. They feature the same capacity of 5,120Wh, and EP500 has 2,000W continuous power while EP500Pro is 3,000W.

AC300 + B300

AC300 boasts a 3,000W continuous power and a maximum capacity of 12,288Wh while partnering with B300 battery packs, enough to power various devices at home or in the wild.

AC500 + B300S

With a massive 5,000W PSW inverter and up to 18,432Wh high capacity, AC500 is an ideal solution to empower your off-grid living without leaving any footprint on the planet.


Designed for outage protection, excess solar energy storage, and monthly bill saving, EP760 Energy Storage System comes with 7,600W AC power and an expandable capacity from 9,920Wh to 19,840Wh, allowing power independence for your home.


Solar Panels PV420

A$1,399 Buy Now

Solar Panels PV350

A$1,099 Buy Now

DC Charging Enhancer

A$199 Buy Now

BLUETTI Folding Trolley

A$449 Buy Now

Media Endorsement

“If the prospect of losing powerfor hours or days at a time concerns you, the Bluetti AC200MAX portable power station offers a very compelling solution.”

“The Bluetti AC300 is 100% modular, meaning you can divide it up and transport vast amounts of power throughout the home with ease.”

The AC300 operates as quietly as a whisper, requires little to no maintenance, and offers a seamless, uninterrupted power supply in the face of outages.

“Flexibility always comes as the first priority with BLUETTI innovations.”

“Bluetti was one of the first to adopt the LiFePo4 battery type in portable power stations.”

The successor to the AC300 solar generator, the AC500 is BLUETTI’s response to the rising demand for power independence and addressing the blackout issues in most areas.

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