BLUETTI AC70 Portable Power Station | 1000W 768Wh

A$899.00 A$1,099.00 - A$200.00

  • 1,000W Rated Power/ 2,000W Lifting Power
  • 768Wh Capacity for Extended Battery Life
  • 950W Turbo Charging, 45 Mins to 80%
  • 500W Fast Solar Intake, Fully Charge in 2 Hrs
  • 7 Outlets Designed for Versatile Charging
  • LiFePO₄ Battery for 3,000+ Charge Cycles
  • Smart Remote Control via BLUETTI App
  • Seamless UPS in 20ms
  • Learn More About AC70 >>

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More Powerful , Make it Possible

BLUETTI AC70 features 1,000W continuous power and multiple outlets to connect various appliances all at once.
Enable the Power Lifting Mode* in the BLUETTI App, you can power your energy-intensive devices with ease, such as hairdryers, electric kettles, electric blankets, heaters, etc.
* Power Lifting Mode allows AC70 to handle high-power resistive loads up to 2,000W.

Power without Limits, Travel without Worries

The AC70 allows up to 500W solar input, efficiently topping it up in just 2 hours. No need to worry about the battery dying out as long as the sun shines.
*The actual input rate may vary based on weather conditions, sunlight intensity, panel orientation, temperature, and other variables.

Super Fast Charging 0-80% in Just 45 Mins

Get it charged with up to 850W of Turbo Charging, your power is ready before you hit the road. The AC70 automatically stops charging to prevent overcharging. You can even charge it with the cigarette lighter port in your vehicle, ensuring sufficient power on the go.

Power Bank Mode,Extended Outdoor Fun

AC70 perfectly pairs with B80 (806Wh), B230 (2,048Wh), or B300 (3,072Wh) expansion batteries, providing constant power supply for your growing needs.

Astonishing Safety and Reliability

Nicely built-in with the safest LiFePO₄, AC70 can remain at 80% capacity even after 3,000+ charge cycles. It also comes with an intelligent BMS (Battery Management System) to prevent any potential damage and a 5-year warranty to help you power with peace of mind.

Never Run Out of Power

Suitable for various occasions

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768Wh (32V, 24Ah)

LiFePO₄ (Lithium Iron Phosphate)

Life Cycles:
3,000+ Cycles to 80% Original Capacity

Recharge to 80% Every 3-6 Months

Management System:
MPPT Controller, BMS, etc


AC Output:
2×230V/4.3A, 1,000W in Total

Inverter Type:
Pure Sine Wave

Surge Power:

USB-C Port:
2 x 100W Max.

USB-A Port:
2 × 5VDC/2.4A 12W in total

12V DC Outlets:
1 × 12V/10A (Car outlet, regulated.)


AC Input:
950W Max.

Solar Input:
500W Max,12V-58VDC, 10A

Car Input:
12/24V from Cigarette Lighter Port

Max Input:

AC Charging Time:
1.3-1.6 Hours (950W Turbo Charging)

Solar Charging Time:
2.8-3.3 Hours (500W Max.)


Mobile APP:

Pass-through Charging:

About 22.5 lbs / 10.2kg

Dimensions (LxWxD):
12.4" × 8.2" × 10.1" / 314mm × 209.5mm × 255.8mm

Charging Temperature:
32°F - 104°F / 0°C - 40°C

Discharging Temperature:
-4°F - 104°F / -20°C - 40°C

Storage Temperature:
-4°F - 104°F/ -20°C - 40°C

5 years

AC Charging Cable, Car Charging Cable, Solar Charging Cable


User Manual

BLUETTI AC70 Portable Power Station | 1000W 768Wh User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

Really useful for car camping, especially with the Bluetti MP200 solar panel. A well made unit, easy to use.

AC70 Portable Power Station

Proved itself worthy within the first week of owning. Kept the refrigerator going for 7hrs

Shane Abikhair
Okay I guess

Bought this AC70 to power a Kings 12 volt fridge (60’watts when compressor is on only ) primarily and occasionally 16 watts of LED interior lights , on days above 30 degrees Celsius , I am lucky if the Bluetti powers the fridge for more than 24 hours before needing charging . So so far so am not very impressed , I bought it for the simplicity over deep cycle battery and inverters and all of that rigmarole , but I am having my doubts on my purchase now . The quality is there for sure , apart from that , not impressed at all .

Michael Dobbs
AC70 Purchase

Recently purchased the AC70 and really impressed with the 5 day delivery and quality of the unit. Works great with a speedy charge time if needed. Looking forward to adding to my BLUETTI family

Everything we had hoped it would be!!

I bought the AC70 and i am SUPER happy with the unit. We have been using it to do some aviation live streaming and it has held up perfectly. Highly recommend if you are needing external power for long periods of time!!