5 Best Solar Battery Storage In Australia Under $10,000 [Updtaed 2024]

5 Best Solar Battery Storage In Australia Under $10,000 [Updtaed 2024]

Australia's search for environmentally friendly energy sources continues to pick up steam in 2024 as more people and businesses adopt solar energy to meet their needs. The country's distinctive ecosystem and copious sunshine make it the perfect place to produce solar energy. With rising electricity costs, opting for solar energy decreases carbon footprint and substantially reduces electricity bills. 

However, conserving the renewable energy to harness when the sun doesn't shine is one of the primary drawbacks of solar power. Here, the Solar Battery Storage chips are in. Many Australians are increasingly interested in solar energy storage since the energy sector keeps evolving and developing swiftly. In Australia, there are countless solar-powered battery alternatives. Understandably, Aussies are undecided about their storage alternatives, given the variety of off-the-grid, high-voltage, low-voltage, hybrid, and other choices available.

We've therefore compiled five of the top affordable solar batteries under $10,000 to enlighten you. 

Need For Solar Battery Storage In Australia

Solar battery storage, often called solar energy storage or solar battery systems, is a technological advancement that enables individuals and companies to store extra electricity produced by solar panels in batteries for later consumption. When the sun is out during the day, solar panels employ the energy from the direct sunlight to create power. If solar panels provide more electricity than you immediately require, Solar battery storage connected with solar panels using solar retains that additional electricity in the battery. You can use the energy preserved in the battery packs to power your dwelling or company when your solar panels aren't producing electricity at night or on overcast days.

In Australia, the reliance on solar power storage is essential rather than on grid and conventional fossil fuel-based power in times of power outages—which can be frequent in some areas of Australia owing to severe weather. Besides, time-of-use electricity rates, where prices vary during the day, are prevalent throughout much of Australia. With solar battery storage, households can save money by storing energy when it's least expensive and using it when charges are highest. In northwestern regions and centers of the country with high sun penetration, solar battery systems can help control the intermittent nature of solar power generation, reducing variations and promoting grid security. 

5 Best Solar Battery Storage In Australia

 1. BLUETTI EP760 

bluetti ep760The BLUETTI EP760 system is a battery system that facilitates off-grid living, lowers prices for energy amid rush hour, and offers additional power during power failures. EP760 is a customized energy solution suited to domestic energy consumption because of its modular design. It allows you to bundle up 2 to 4 B500 expandable batteries for 9.9kWh to 19.8kWh. 


  • 9.9kWh ~ 19.8kWh capacity 
  • 7600W output 
  • 230V voltage 
  • Suitable for outdoors and Indoors
  • 10-year Warranty 
  • LiFePO4 battery 


  • UPS: In less than 10 milliseconds, effortlessly changes from grid power to battery power. 
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Functional with solar system supporting 9000W solar charge. 
  • Smart Control by BLUETTI app
  • Expandable Capacity with battery pack


  • No significant demerits 

    2. HUAWEI LUNA2000 

    Comparing the Huawei Luna2000 to other solar battery packs, it shines out. A built-in energy optimizer and sophisticated string architecture safeguard the battery from extreme discharge, excessive charging, and heating up. A module-level monitoring system on the Huawei Luna2000 allows for quick defect finding. This battery is trustworthy and secure; it has an internal heating system to guard against excessive cold. 


    • DC battery system – HV battery modules 
    • 2.5kW continuous, 3.5kW max peak per module 
    • 10-year warranty 
    • inverters: single-phase & 3-phase 
    • 4000 cycles lifecycle
    • Suitable for outdoors 


    • 100% useable capacity
    • Module-level monitoring system 


    • Compatibility issues with some inverters 
    • Battery Capacity decreases to 60% after 10 years 


    Considering the Huawei Luna2000's wide range of functionalities, it is economical. The price ranges from $3,995 to $8,790, depending on the battery's physical dimensions. The battery comes in sizes of 5kWh, 10kWh, and 15kWh. 

    3. BYD Premium LVS 


    This solar battery is an excellent option for anyone who wants to use solar energy exclusively or as an off-grid power source. The BYD Premium LVS solar battery is powerful enough to run your home independently of the grid. This solar battery's unique modular design enables you to quickly add more modules to increase capacity. When 16 battery stands are paralleled, the BYD Premium LVS can produce up to 256kWh. 


    • 4Wh,8Wh,12Wh,16Wh,20Wh, & 24Wh Storage Capacity 
    • 3000 cycles lifecycle 
    • HVS- 2.56kWh (100 % usage) can be expanded up to 66.2kWh 
    • HVM- 2.76kWh (100% usage) can be expanded up to 38.4kWh 
    • 10-year Warranty
    • Monitoring using Be Connect app 


    • an immediate, powerful backup 
    • There is no need for additional wiring thanks to the internal plug design. 
    • Self-consumption optimization


    • Large, tall, and space-consuming 
    • Several concerns with alternative inverters and batteries' compatibility 

    Depending on size, the price of the BYD Premium LVS solar battery ranges from $3,000 to $20,000, which makes it quite reasonable for the choices. 

    4. LG CHEM RESU 

    Regarding electronics and domestic appliances, LG is the market champion. That also applies to solar batteries. The LG Chem RESU, often known as a "Residential Energy Storage Unit," is a durable and affordable solar battery. It offers independence from the local grid, autonomous time-of-use load shifting, and backup power security. 


    • Lithium NMC cells; DC Battery 
    • Maximum of 6000 life cycles 
    • Power output of 7 kW at peak and 5 kW continuously. 
    • Modular construction allows for the insertion of more LG Chem batteries.
    • Effective with inverters from Goodwe, Selectronic, LG, Solis, SMA, and Sungrow 


    • Charge/discharge cycles result in negligible energy loss. 
    • Passive cooling 
    • Cost-effective


    • challenging to adapt to current solar systems 
    • Even with several batteries, the power output is restricted and cannot increase 


    Price estimates for the LG Chem RESU solar battery range from $4,000 to $11,000 considering the size. 

    5. Sungrow SBP4K8 


    Design-wise, the Sungrow SBP4K8 is small. It is a Samsung SDI repackaged variant. The SCI module from Sungrow uses a high-performance prismatic cell with a Lithium NMC architecture. The lifespan of this system is 15 years or 6000 cycles. The prismatic cell system of the battery has cutting-edge safety features. Additionally, it has a multilayer architecture to improve durability and dependability. Advanced capabilities are a hallmark of Sungrow Solar Batteries. A variety of battery capacities are available. It contains 5 to 20 kWh to meet a range of energy requirements. 


    • 4.8kWh storage capacity
    • 4kW peak-hour output, 2.5kW continuous 
    • 6000 cycles lifecycle 
    • 10-year warranty 


    • Battery management for protection from surges 


    • Operable with Sungrow hybrid inverter 


     This product costs only $4000 which renders it extremely reasonable. 



    BLUETTI EP760 

    HUAWEI LUNA2000 

    BYD Premium LVS 


    Sungrow  SBP4K8 


    9.9kWh ~ 19.8kWh

    5kWh ~ 15kWh

    4kWh ~24kWh



    Battery Type 


    Lithium iron phosphate

    lithium iron phosphate 

    lithium-ion battery

    Lithium ion








    6k cycles 

    4k  cycles 

    3k  cycles

    6k cycles 

    6k cycles


    10-year warranty 

    10-year warranty

    10-year warranty 

    10-year warranty 

    10-year warranty 

    How To Save Cost On Solar Battery Storage? 

    Right-sized Battery System 

    One of the most critical steps toward attaining affordable and sustainable transportation is to incorporate the ideal battery system into electric cars for solar battery storage. The idea of a "right-sized" battery system has become more well-known in this era. This strategy emphasizes carefully matching the battery size to the vehicle's requirements while balancing efficiency, expense, and environmental impact. 

    bluetti rp500pro

    You can add up the BLUETTI EP500Pro Solar Power Station which comes with a 3500+ charge cycle and is the right-sized battery system for powering up appliances when on a long family trip. The best thing is you can enjoy both In-grid UPS mode or flexible UPS mode for your convenience. 

    Compare Different Brands of Solar Battery 

    The selection of the best brand of solar battery turns out crucial in the quest for low-cost and efficient battery storage solutions for electric vehicles. There are many different brands and models available on the global market today, each with its own set of features, performance traits, and price ranges. It is essential to do a comparison analysis of these various solar battery products in order to make a well-informed choice that maximizes cost savings while guaranteeing solid energy storage.

    Incentives And Rebates

    Governments and organizations across the world are going for the inclusion of solar battery technology into electric vehicles by giving various subsidies and rebates. With different incentives and rebates available, there is a real possibility of seeing substantial cost savings. In fact, a 30% slash is on the cards. 

    Regular Maintenance

    Did you know that a well-maintained battery can help you avert 25% of the expenses of a new one while also optimizing performance? By having a well-organized maintenance schedule, EV users can enhance energy efficiency, which will eventually yield substantial cost-saving in the long run.

    bluetti ac200p

    Check out BLUETTI AC200P with an output of 2000W and a capacity of 2000Wh, and that too under the affordable price of A$1999. BLUETTI AC200P is your dependable off-grid power source, irrespective of where you are: at home during an unplanned outage, in your yard, at a job site, in the wilderness, or on a road trip. The AC200P provides the simplicity of adding B230 or B300 extension batteries to increase capacity. You may acquire a whopping 8,144Wh by connecting two B300 units, sufficient to power your electronics even during a protracted power outage. 


    Don't miss to look at BLUETTI AC200MAX Expandable Power Station with 2,200W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter and 2,048Wh capacity. It is Expandable Up To 6,144Wh with 2×B230 or 8,192Wh with 2×B300. It can be controlled through intelligent control and monitoring in the BLUETTI App. 

    Final Thoughts 

    Australians can gain from solar batteries in various ways, including lowering their carbon footprint, protecting themselves from growing energy costs, and having a backup power source available in case of crises. Take your time, comprehend the specifications, and be aware of what you require for your property when selecting the ideal solar battery

    We sincerely hope that our article on solar battery comparisons will assist you in selecting the best energy storage device for your solar system. When you need power, you can count on having it clean, sustainable, dependable, and accessible thanks to the proper solar battery storage system.

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