Check the Western Power Outages Map in Perth [Updated Today]

Check the Western Power Outages Map in Perth [Updated Today]

The world runs on electricity - From offices to kitchens and personal tasks, all depend on electric appliances somehow. However, just like any other system, there can be unannounced problems with electrical systems, which may lead to power outages. It can be natural calamities, accidents, or technical failure. 

As everyone relies on electricity, it's important to know about the latest notifications of the power cuts. Here's a complete guide to checking the western power outage map in Perth and other important information to assist you.

How to Check the Status of Your Power Outage in Perth? 

To check the status of your power outage in Perth, you can open the Western Power official website. Then follow these steps to find the outages and map:

  • On the top left of the Homepage, click on Faults & Outages.
  • On the dropdown menu, click on Power Outages.
  • Now, on the Search bar, enter your location or use the Find My Location option.
  • You will get a list of upcoming power outages (Planned or Unplanned), if any, in the area.
  • There is information about affected suburbs, estimated restoration time, customers affected, additional information and a “VIEW ON MAP” option.
  • After clicking on the map, you can navigate the map to see all the information on the outages.


Also, through this website, you can subscribe to SMS alerts for all electricity-related notifications. Plus, you can report issues like power outages, urgent and nonurgent problems, electric shocks, maintenance, etc. They help you get a new connection and details about upcoming power outages. Information from the website will help you plan your schedule accordingly. So, refer to this website for all the details.

Common Causes of Perth Power Outages

Here are some common causes of Perth power outages:

Natural Disasters

Natural occurrences can lead to storms, heavy rains, flooding, wildfires, etc. All of these natural disasters can lead to damage to power lines, underground systems, poles, etc. Generally, the prediction of natural disasters is notified, but sometimes it may be unannounced. Therefore, the technicians will take urgent tasks first, and there can be a lot of demand. It may take a day to a few days in these cases. You can call the electricity company for all the details to get a better idea.

Technical Failures

Sometimes, there are technical failures in the grid, poles, and power lines. The technicians may take time to assess the faults, but they may be resolved quickly. Also, wildlife, birds, and small animals can disrupt the poles and power lines.


Accidents cause great harm to humans and roads. But sometimes, the vehicle may crash into power poles, affecting the area's power. So, this situation is immediately reported to the power company and may be resolved within a few hours.

Depending on the severity of the issue and damage, the time of the power cuts may vary. It is restored within a few hours if it's a normal fault. But if there is an emergency situation, certain tasks will be prioritized. So, calling the electricity company and regularly checking the website is advised.

How to Prepare for Power Outages

You can prepare a little if you get a notification about bad weather or power outages. Here are some tips to be ready for power outages: 

Get the Emergency Things

You can keep all these essentials nearby or in an accessible place. Also, get first aid kits, medicines, flashlights, and additional batteries handy. Recharge all your devices to be full, like laptops, power banks, etc. Keep the emergency contacts and everything you might need for a day or two.

Prepare the Food

You can stack up food, which is easy to make. For example, breads, peanut butter, nuts, energy bars, milk, fruits, etc. Also, set the level of the refrigerator to the highest so that food stays fresh for a long time.

Stock up the Water

The municipal water connection will not be affected, but still, you should prepare for the worst. So, filling up a few bottles and storing water for other uses is better.

Fill Your Car

You should fill your car in the nearest garage store; it will be helpful if the blackouts are long.

Get the Alternatives

If you have alternative appliances that do not work on electricity, it's great. For example, you can take out manual gas stoves and other appliances.

Be Prepared for Power Outages with BLUETTI Home Battery Backup


Power outages can come unannounced to disrupt the normal flow of work. For example, if you have plans today to attend an online meeting and follow a party later. A sudden outage means you must worry about laptop backup and can't power the hair styling tools.

But imagine having a reliable home battery system with great power and capacity to run all appliances. It means peace of mind. 

BLUETTI offers a range of energy solutions compatible with grid and solar panels. They support multiple recharging and can power all household appliances. Also, with an expandable, flexible, and modular design, it's one to trust.

One such amazing product is the BLUETTI AC500 + B300S. It's a 5,000W rated power pure sine wave inverter with an expandable capacity ranging from 3,072Wh to 18,432Wh. It has a premium and safe LiFePO4 battery with 3,500+ life cycles to 80%. You can recharge it in six ways (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead-acid battery/Dual charging), and it has 16 output ports to connect your appliances to it directly.


Another amazing product is BLUETTI AC200MAX + B230 | Home Battery Backup, a 2,200W AC pure sine wave inverter with a 4,800W surge. It has 2,048Wh capacity, which can be expanded to 4,096Wh with 1×B230 or 6,144Wh with 2×B230. You can recharge it in seven ways(AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead Battery/Dual AC/AC+Solar), with 15 output ports for powering various devices.

BLUETTI EP500Pro Solar Power Station

bluetti ep500pro

You can also go for the BLUETTI EP500Pro Solar Power Station if you need something massive and amazing. It's a movable power station with a 5100Wh and 3000W power capacity. It has around 16 output ports and is recharged with solar and AC units. It has power and capacity, which means you can run it for days in case of blackouts.

All the BLUETTI products use premium LiFePO4 batteries with a great life. Also, they have sleek and modern designs, which are very convenient. With industry-standard warranties, easy installation, and prompt customer service, they are one to trust.

Also, they can be transported to any outdoor or indoor location for powering any appliances. They smartly store energy when demand on the grid is low. And then power your needs when the demand is high. This means low bills. 

Also, if you pair it with solar panels, you can harness the renewable energy resource. It implies low bills and using clean energy. So, in case of a small or massive power outage, BLUETTI will always provide you with stored power. Also, it is a valuable addition to your home to provide energy solutions and constant power. 

How BLUETTI can Help you in Power Outages

BLUETTI features an extensive range of products that are reliable at times of power outages. They offer flexibility, battery expanding options, multiple output ports and great battery storage. Some of its features that make it best for facing any outage and having power 24*7 are:

Flexibility: The BLUETTI products are made for everyone's needs. You can expand the battery capacity according to your present or future needs. Also, it can be recharged with multiple sources and has built-in ports for charging anything.

Best for outdoor and indoor: They feature a sleek design where you can easily transport them. The main unit and batteries can be separately re-located. Also, with lightweight, manageable dimensions and flexibility, they are best for outdoor and indoor events.

They feature smart energy storage: BLUETTI stores energy at low-demand hours to power your home needs at high demand. Also, if you pair them with solar panels, they can store the energy when solar panels can't. It means access to power all the time, low bills and sustainability.

Great user experience: BLUETTI home battery backup is known for its great user experience. You can initiate the one-day installation, claim great warranties and ask for help anytime. Also, the maintenance is very low.

Premium features: All BLUETTI products have great and safe batteries and parts, which are the best. This makes them durable, reliable, efficient and long-lasting.

Safety Precautions During Western Power Outages

It would help if you unplug all the ACs and heavy devices. Sometimes, during repairs, there can be a surge of voltage, which may harm your appliances, so it's best to unplug everything. 

Also, if the basement or other locations are wet due to storms, wait to operate them. You must ensure everything is in place and then cautiously check all your lines and devices. An outage doesn't mean that all the wires are dead. So, always take precautions during an outage and check Western power outages notifications.

Final Thoughts

This was all about how to check for Western power outages. To learn about power cuts in Perth, you can visit the official website of Western Power. You will find all the details about your area, and subscribing to SMS alerts will also greatly help. Be prepared for an outage with little prep tips and ensure safety. 

Plus, adding a BLUETTI home battery solution means access to power 24/7. It helps you store power from the grid and off-grid systems to power your appliances at blackouts. Moreover, the low bills and smart energy store is great for the environment and households. So, add a valuable, long-term, worthy power station that will pay you for years.

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