8 Campgrounds at Lane Poole Reserve in Dwellingup Camping

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A few kilometers off the Dwellingup downtown is a part of heaven on earth, the majestic Lane Poole Reserve. It's the best destination for camping, with enchanting wilderness, beautiful landscapes, and serene river streams. Drive out of the city’s hustle and bustle to enjoy a good time closer to nature. 

Lane Poole Reserve has eight campgrounds perfect for family outings, couples' retreats, or a quiet escape with friends. You can go swimming, canoeing, bushwalking, mountain bike riding, or fishing. The place has something for everyone; if you're seeking an unforgettable camping experience, Dwellingup Camping is a go-to destination. 

6 Small Group Camps in Lane Poole Reserve

If you’re a small group, you can head straight to these six popular locations in the Lane Poole Reserve. They hold the best natural surprises that’ll surely leave you wonderstruck! 


It’s the most picturesque location with lush green surroundings and extraordinary natural wonders. There are around 42 campsites in Baden Powell, some are tents-only, and some have campervans, caravans, and camper trailers parking. You can have a good time beholding natural wonders in absolute tranquility.

The campground has multiple facilities, including kitchens with running water (not drinkable) and gas, toilet blocks, and benches with tables. There are also four campsites for differently-abled people. These facilities make this location most suitable for families camping with kids.


Charlie’s Flat is an adventure spot with secluded campsites along the Murray River. You can camp in the extreme wilderness surrounded by huge trees. The serenity of this location is remarkable; you wake up with the sounds of chirping birds and gushing river water.

There are 16 camping locations around Charlie's Flat. Only a few could be accessed on RVs. If you camp at Charlie's Flat, you can walk near the riverbank observing the native wildlife, swim at the river, or enjoy your time canoeing. 


Yarragil is the most peaceful camping location; it has only two tents-only campsites. If you're with your family, it's the best place to enjoy a good time in seclusion. There are multiple activities; you can go canoeing or swimming in the Murray River. You can catch your dinner from the river; the campfires are also permitted to let you enjoy grilled fish at the end of the day.

Most people come to Yarragril to canoe the massive distance of 11.5 kilometers to the Nanga Road Bridge. It can be your most adventureful experience; you will get goosebumps launching into the rough waters of Yarragril. As you travel down, the stunning landscape and wilderness leave you awestruck.  


Chuditch is another family destination in Lane Poole Reserve. It has 24 camping sites with 14 tent-only sites. The campground has all the facilities to make your camping experience comfortable. The kitchens have gas and water supply, picnic tables are there, and toilets facility is available. 

You can take a walking trail through the wild to access the Murray River. Go for a swim or find your fishing spot. The rainbow trout, redfin perch, cobbler, and marron are easy to catch and tasteful. There are also multiple launching spots for canoeing. 


Stringers have multiple private camping sites along the Murray River. There's no access to RVs or campervans; you must go with your tents. These sites offer a unique blend of natural beauty and tranquility. The nights are magical in Stringers; you can see the pitch-black sky with twinkling stars above the river. 

Camping in Stingers feels like sleeping on the lap of nature. Where nights are peaceful, the days are lively and full of adventures. You can do whatever you like, swimming, canoeing, bushwalking, mountain bike riding, or fishing. It's a one-stop destination for the ultimate camping experience. 


Tony's Bend is the best camping location for families keen to enjoy their time in the extreme wilderness. All the campsites are secluded with easy access to the river through the bushes. The campfires are usually allowed making these sites ideal for late-night sittings.

There are around 13 campsites, most of which are tents-only. You can also find out some sites with campervan access. You can enjoy a range of activities camping at Tony’s Bend; the most popular are canoeing, fishing, and swimming.

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2 Large Group Camps in Nanga Campground

Nanga Campground is ideal for a grand camping adventure with your battalion. All the campsites are spacious and accommodating, with drive-in and drive-out access to larger motorhomes, campervans, and caravans. 


Nanga Brook is a large campground with sealed road access for campervans, caravans, and RVs. There are around 29 well-designed campsites to go with your motorhomes. Plus, eight more sites for large tents that can easily house many people.  

Camping at Nanga Brook is a wholesome experience with comfort and accessibility. The Murray River flows through Nanga Brook, enabling you to enjoy adventure activities like canoeing and kayaking. You can also go for bushwalking and hiking trails; there are slow walking trails and more challenging hikes.

Nanga Brooks also features safe swimming spots, perfect for relaxing and cooling off. You can also find fishing spots and try your luck to catch a meal. Campfires are allowed in Nanga Brooks in the designated fire rings; you can stay up all night, roast marshmallows, and share stories under the starlit sky. Camping at Nanga Brooks can be a fulfilling experience. 


It’s the most popular and largest camping destination in Lane Poole Reserve. All the camping sites are usually packed throughout the holiday season. The Nanga Mill offers many activities to make your camping experience most memorable. 

The 18 KM long King Jarrah Trail starts from the Nanga Mill campsite. It takes you through the extreme wild with challenging hikes. Munda Biddi Bike Trail and the Waterous Trail could also be accessed from the Nanga Mill campsite for mountain biking. 

The highlight of the campsite is Tree Top Park; it has many adventure activities, including the famous Tree Top obstacle course.

Tips for Camping in Dwellingup Campgrounds

Here are five tips you must follow to make your camping experience worthwhile in Dwellingup Campgrounds:

  1. Pack Essentials: When going into the wild, you should keep everything with you, ranging from adequate water and food to safety kits. 
  2. Weather Updates: Don't forget to check three days weather forecast; if the weather is not clear, you should avoid camping in the wild. 
  3. Backup Plan: When going camping, people plan for many things but don't have a backup plan for sudden changes in weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Campfire Safety: If you're using a campfire, extinguish it properly; you should not be responsible for a natural disaster. Enjoy your time but keep caring for nature. 
  5. Power Supply:  You should take a portable power station to fulfill your power needs. When you are at the campsite, the power supply is not available.

You can buy a BLUETTI AC180 Solar Portable Power Station; it's compact and easy to carry. The device is very powerful, with an enormous battery capacity to charge your devices and traveling lights. Plus, it is controlled by a mobile app, making it much more convenient to use during camping adventures. 

bluetti ac180

You can also use the device to power electrical appliances like electric kettles or toasters. It will make camping comfortable and fun. You can have a hot cup of coffee in the wild. The device supports fast charging; you can also recharge it with your caravan in no time. 

What to Prepare Before Camping in Dwellingup?

Here are the essentials you should prepare or take into consideration before camping in Dwellingup:

Make Bookings:

Before camping in Dwellingup, the first thing you need to prepare is to book the campsites. Most campsites in Lane Poole Reserve require bookings. You should make a reservation at least 24 hours prior.

Pet Care:

The dogs are allowed in the reserve, but you must keep them on a leash during your stay. So, buy a comfortable leash for your dog.

Food & Water:

In most parts of the reserve, no clean drinking water is available. You must have adequate water and food to fulfill your needs throughout the stay. 

Campfire Rules:

Be mindful of campfire rules and safety; the laws are strict. Gather information if the campfire is permitted at the site or not. If yes, you should adequately extinguish the campfire to avoid any mishap. 

Power Needs:

If you're coming for more than one day, you must have an off-grid power supply system like a solar generator kit or portable power station with you. The BLUETTI products are designed to stay off the grid with complete portability.

You can go for BLUETTI AC200P; it comes in a complete kit to fulfill your power needs. The generator stand-alone has a 2,000Wh Capacity, enough power for 2-day camping without recharge. With this kit, you will feel at home in the wild. The device will power all your appliances, from the coffeemaker to the fridge. The device has a multi-charge facility; you can charge it with your car or solar panels. 

bluetti solar panel

The kit comes with highly efficient BLUETTI PV200 Solar Panels that are made for the wild. The solar screen captures every bit of the energy and can withstand wear and tear without breaking. The panels are durable and made from top-quality material. Plus, they're highly portable and can even fit in your hand-carry when folded. The kit, as a whole, is best for camping adventures!


Is your camping plan set already? Choose the best campground per your needs, and follow our tips for a seamless camping experience. Camping is undoubtedly the best way to explore Australia's scenic beauty. Make sure to keep nature clean and as it is!


How can I make reservations for the campgrounds in Lane Poole Reserve?

You can make reservations for most campsites online. You can also call the tourist office at Lane Poole Reserve for more information on bookings and reservations.

Are pets allowed at the campgrounds?

Yes, pets are allowed but needed to be kept on leash. It’s better to inquire about your specific campsite. The rules may vary.

Are campfires allowed at campgrounds? 

Campfire permits change from time to time. Usually not allowed apart from specific campsites. You should inquire or get permission for campfires. 

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