AC Input
By Wall Outlet
Solar Input
By Solar Panels
Super Charge

Lots of Capacity
With Little Charging Time

0~80% Recharge

1 Hour
EP500Pro At Max. 5,400W Input 1 Hour
3 Hour
EP500Pro At Max. 1,800W Input 3 Hour

240V 3000W

What Can You Power With

Every Watthour
Under Control

WiFi & Bluetooth®
Remote control

Durable and Stable
As Always

General Information
AC Rated Power 3,000W
(peak 6000W)
Net Weight ≈83kg (182 lbs)
Dimensions 580*300*760mm (22.8*11.8*29.9in)
Battery Capacity 5,100Wh
Battery Cell Type LiFePO₄
Rated Life Cycle 3500+
Charge Temperature O℃~40℃ (32°F ~104°F)
Discharge Temperature -20°C ~ 40°C(-4°F ~104°F)
Storage Ambient Temperature -25°C ~ 40°C (-13°F ~104°F)
Working Environment humidity 10-90%
Certification UL2743, UKCA, RCM, PSE, FCC, CE
Warranty Periord 5 Years
Color Elegant White
Input Specs
AC Input 3000W Max (No power brick needed)
PV Input 2400W Max
35-150VDC, 12A*2,12V/24V,8.2A
Output Specs
USB-C 2*100W (PD3.0)
AC 220-240V 50Hz AC Outlet*3
USB-A 2*Quick Charging, 36W Total, 2*5VDC, 3A Total
Cigarette Lighter 1*12VDC,10A
RV (Aviation Port) 1*12VDC,30A
DC 5521 2*12VDC,10A Total
Wireless Charging Pad 2*5/7.5/10/15W*2
Max. AC/DC Output 2,200W 3,000W 5,000W
Max. AC Input 500W 3,000W 4,500W
(W/ 1*B300S)
Max. Solar Input 900W 2,400W 3,000W
Max.Total Input Tate(AC+Solar) 1,400W 3,000W 4,500W (W/ 1*B300S)
8,000W (W/ 2 or more B300S)
Battery Capacity 2,048Wh 3,072Wh 3,072Wh
Battery Cell Type LiFePO₄ LiFePO₄ LiFePO₄
Price A$2,199 A$4,199 A$5,999
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