• BLUETTI SP350 Solar Panels | 350W
  • BLUETTI SP350 Solar Panels | 350W
  • BLUETTI SP350 Solar Panels | 350W
  • BLUETTI SP350 Solar Panels | 350W
  • BLUETTI SP350 Solar Panels | 350W
  • BLUETTI SP350 Solar Panels | 350W
  • BLUETTI SP350 Solar Panels | 350W
    • BLUETTI SP350 Solar Panels | 350W
    • BLUETTI SP350 Solar Panels | 350W
    • BLUETTI SP350 Solar Panels | 350W
    • BLUETTI SP350 Solar Panels | 350W
    • BLUETTI SP350 Solar Panels | 350W
    • BLUETTI SP350 Solar Panels | 350W
    • BLUETTI SP350 Solar Panels | 350W

    BLUETTI SP350 Solar Panels | 350W

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    Solar Power Supply

    Charging your solar generator at 350W*, the BLUETTI SP350 solar panel can be built into a power system to juice up your laptop, drone, refrigerator, drill and more. * Actual performance results may vary depending on operating conditions and panel orientation.

    Sustainable Power

    A simple and green way to keep you powered while being off the grid.

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    Peak Power:

    ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene)

    Cell Efficiency:
    Up to 23.5%

    Voltage at Max Power(Vmp):

    Current at Max Power(Imp):

    Open Circuit Voltage(OCV):

    Short Circuit Current(Isc):


    Standard MC4 Connector

    25.3lbs (11.5kg)

    Dimension (Unfolded):
    27.2 × 90 inch (69.1*228.7cm)

    Dimension (folded):
    27.2 × 26.8in (69.1*68.3cm)

    Operating Temperature:
    14-149℉ (-10-65℃)

    Best Working Tmeperature:
    77℉ (25℃)

    14-149℉ (-10-65℃):
    118in/ (3m)

    24 Months (Enter to learn more about BLUETTI warranty policy)

    In The Box

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Robyn Lovett
    BLUETTI SP350 Solar Panels

    Bought two sets of 350W solar panel. Maximum output from them both (700W) was 300, and averaged at 150. Not very impressive. yes it was a very sunny day, not cloudy etc.

    Tony Gates
    Bluetti SP350 350w Solar Panel

    Excellent product and currently used daily to “top-up” our AC200MAX while we are travelling around Australia and spending as much time in Free Camp caravan parks The speed with which it tops our machine is dependent on the sun but when the sun is out the recharging time is fast

    Powerful in Winter

    I’ve been blown away by how powerful this is. It’s mid winter and I’m generating 260W. That said, I do have a strong reflection off the roof below me. I would say 130W in winter is more typical. Partial shading is an issue and the watts drop to 30W if one of the panels is covered. If you live in Victoria Australia, I’d expect 0W in rain, 30W with a shadow over one of the panels, 130W on a sunny winter’s day and I would assume it can generate the full 350W in summer but I’ll need to wait until then to know for sure. Improvements? The design is superb, maybe stronger legs and to allow for partial shading. It is physically big but the form factor is very manageable for it’s size and it’s lighter than the EB150, which I use as my inverter.

    Leo Moerland
    Excellent solar panel.

    Good quality solar panel, easy to set up and high efficiency.

    Brendon Moohin
    350w fold out solar

    This thing is a work horse, I’ve tested it a few times charging a Lithium battery and running camping fridges, 17.8amps at 13.4v through my Everdrive 40amp charger for 6 hours a day easy, (while Sun is in the northern hemisphere) tempted to pick up a second kit to charge my boats lithium battery, only concern I have is the bow in the panels when deployed, keen to build something to straighten them out


    • Q1: Is It Waterproof?


      It is IP54 rated waterproof. Do not soak this solar panel into water or any other liquid. Do not expose this solar panel to rain or snow.

    • Q2: What factors will affect the solar conversation rate?


      A. The sunlight intensity.

      B. Ambient temperature.

      C. The angle you place the solar panel to sunlight.

      D. The length of the solar charging cable(for third-party cables).

    • Q3:How many pieces of solar panels can be used on a power station?


      A:Check the Max. Open Circuit voltage and power of solar input of the power station.

      B:And the Open Circuit Voltage and Max. Power of the solar panels.

      C:Make sure the total Max. voltage and power of the solar panels(in series/parallel) does not exceed the value that the power station can absorb.

      D:Make sure the total max. value does not exceed the numbers in the specification when you connect several pieces in series or paralell.

    • Q4: Can the bluetti SP350 work with the EB70/EB55?


      Sorry,it can not because the voltage is too high for EB70/EB55,we recommend you to buy PV200 200w solar panel for eb70/EB55

    • Q5:What is the warranty?


      24 months warranty and lifetime

    • Q6: Warning


      DO NOT connect SP350 with any other solar panel model but SP350, or will be damaged.


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