Amazon Prime Day 2024 Is Coming!

Find everything you need to know about Prime Day 2024

As Prime Day 2024 quickly approaches, we're thrilled to announce that this year, like every year, we're going big! Our tradition of celebrating Prime Day with sensational promotions is something we take pride in, and this ybear, we're set to outdo ourselves.

Get ready to experience an extensive lineup of products featuring substantial discounts that you won't want to miss. We've put together an array of deals that promise to make this Prime Day unforgettable.

Does BLUETTI have any early Prime Day deals?

Absolutely! BLUETTI is all set to dazzle you with some incredible early Prime Day deals! We can't wait for you to see what we have in store. Make sure to keep a close eye on our official website and follow us on our social media accounts. We'll be rolling out the latest promotions and you won't want to miss out. From groundbreaking energy solutions to top-of-the-line power storage products, get ready to enjoy fantastic discounts and special offers. Your chance to snatch up some of the best deals is just around the corner, so stay tuned and get ready to be amazed by what BLUETTI has to offer this Prime Day. It's going to be phenomenal!

What are the best Prime Day deals for Prime Day 2024?

Get ready for the most electrifying Prime Day 2024 deals ever! We are beyond excited to bring to you our specially curated promotions across a series of outstanding products. Whether you're an adventure seeker, a home power enthusiast, or someone ready to embark on the journey of sustainable energy, we've got something just for you. Check out these phenomenal deals:

1. Outdoor-Friendly Portable Power: 

The AC180 is ideal for camping, RV life, road trips, van life, self-driving tours, emergency response, and disaster relief, among other uses.


Solar Portable Power Station
①1,152Wh Capacity;②2,700W output; ③45dB(very quiet);④45-Minute Quick Charge to 80%;

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2700W Power: Charge 99% of Common Devices

The AC180 stands as a testament to unparalleled power capability. With its formidable 1800W output, culminating in a 2700W Power Lifting Mode, this powerhouse affords the luxury of charging 99% of common devices without breaking a sweat. Whether it’s for high-demand appliances or your day-to-day gadgets, the AC180 ensures you stay powered in every scenario.

Low-Noise Operation: 45dB Standard, 50dB Full Speed

Enjoy the sounds of nature or the quiet of your home. The AC50B maintains a low operational noise at 45dB under standard conditions and 50dB at full speed, ensuring peace and tranquility remain undisturbed.

Swift Charging: 80% in 45 Minutes

Time is a luxury, and the AC180 ensures you won't waste a minute of it. Achieve an astounding 80% charge in just 45 minutes, keeping you ahead and in action without lengthy downtimes.

Versatile Charging Methods: Solar, Vehicle, and B80 Battery Pack

Embrace the freedom of choice with the AC180's diverse charging capabilities. Whether it's harnessing the power of the sun, utilizing your vehicle's energy, or extending capacity with the B80 battery pack, seamless energy supply is at your command.

Product Weight: 16KG Ideal for RV Travel and Outdoor Excursions

We've engineered the AC180 for the adventurers who refuse to compromise on power or portability. At 16KG, it's perfect for RV escapades or occasional outdoor usage, ensuring that wherever you go, ample power follows.

The AC180 is the go-to choice for individuals who push the boundaries of exploration and require an energy solution that can keep up with their high-powered appliances and devices. With its robust capacity, utmost reliability, and adaptable charging options, it embodies the pinnacle of portable power technology for the great explorers of today. Step up your adventure game and never look back with the AC180 by your side.

2. Home Backup Power System: 

The AC300+B300 excels in providing emergency home power, supporting RV travel, equipping off-grid cabins, empowering DIY workshops, and facilitating peak shaving for cost-effective energy management.

BLUETTI AC300 + 1*B300

Home Battery Backup
①3,072Wh Capacity;(Expandable)②6,000W Surge; ③24/7 UPS; ④7 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead-acid Battery/Dual AC/AC+Solar)

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AC300+B300: The Ultimate Home Backup Power Solution

Unveil the pinnacle of home energy solutions with the AC300+B300 combo, a system that stands out for its high modularity, impressive expandability, and rich functionality. Tailored to meet a wide range of needs, from emergency home backup to full-scale energy management, this setup is ready to redefine your power experience.

Prime Scenarios for Use:

- Emergency Wall Plug Power: Perfect for households in regions plagued by unstable grid connections. Avoid the disruption of daily life with a reliable emergency backup that engages in milliseconds, ensuring your essential appliances stay on without any need for complex installation.

- Fixed Installation with Reliance Sub Panel: Those seeking a comprehensive home energy solution will find the AC300+B300 fulfilling both emergency and cost-saving desires. Its seamless integration provides peace of mind and financial benefits alike.

- RV Power Supply: Adventures no longer need to be tethered to power availability. Offering comprehensive support for both AC and DC loads, the AC300+B300 guarantees you the freedom to roam without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

- DIY Workshops/Off-Grid Cabins: Embrace the solitude of your off-grid escapades or power through your creative projects without constraints. This power duo adapts to your lifestyle, supporting your endeavors wherever they may lead.

Key Advantages:

- <20ms UPS for Instantaneous Switching:Transition to backup power is smooth and swift, with a ≤20ms response time, ensuring uninterrupted power during outages.

- Expandable up to 12288Wh: With the ability to support up to four B300 battery packs, expand your system’s capacity to a whopping 12288Wh. This modular approach allows for future capacity enhancements, ensuring longevity and adaptability of your backup solution.

- 5400W Turbo Charge: Experience super-fast charging with a combined AC (3000W) + DC (2400W) input, reaching up to 5400W. Achieve 80% charge in just 45 minutes under Turbo Charge mode, effectively countering frequent power interruptions.

- Flexible Installation: Convenience is key with easy handling and plug-and-play setup. Enjoy the simplicity of immediate power without installation fees or formalities.

- Advantages Over Gasoline Generators:
- Enjoy the swift transition of millisecond UPS compared to the manual start and longer switch times of gasoline generators.
- Say goodbye to noise, fumes, and the risk of poisoning, making it a cleaner, quieter option.

Peak Shaving: Save on Electricity Costs
- Off-Peak Charging, Peak Usage: 
Optimize your energy costs by charging from 12 AM to 6 AM during off-peak hours and using the stored energy from 6 PM to 12 AM during peak rate periods, effectively reducing your electricity bill.

- Silent Operation Below 40dB: With noise levels below 40dB in silent mode, enjoy tranquility and uninterrupted sleep, ensuring a peaceful environment.

Direct RV Support:
- Direct DC Load Supply: Featuring a 12V, 30A DC output, the AC300 can directly power your RV’s DC loads via an optional adapter, keeping every corner of your moving home energized.

The AC300+B300 stands as a testament to flexible, reliable, and comprehensive backup power solutions, ideal for a variety of applications from home backup to off-grid adventures. With state-of-the-art features and unparalleled efficiency, it's the definitive choice for those who refuse to compromise on power and precision in their energy solutions.

3. Solar Generator Kit: 

Whether it’s providing emergency backup power for homes, energizing RV adventures, or achieving self-sufficiency for off-grid cabins, the BLUETTI AC500 & B300S + PV350 Solar generator seamlessly bridges life and exploration, ensuring every moment that requires energy is filled with potential.

BLUETTI AC500+B300s+PV350

Solar Generator
①3,072Wh Capacity;(Expandable Up to 18,432Wh)②Up to 10,000W Peak Output;③Achieving 80% charge in 45 minutes④Peak Shaving: Time Control UPS Mode

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Transform Your Power Experience with BLUETTI AC500 & B300S Battery Pack + PV350 Solar Panel

1. Instant Emergency Power: Millisecond Response

In the face of power outages, BLUETTI AC500 stands ready to switch to emergency power mode in less than 20 milliseconds, ensuring your critical devices never skip a beat. Whether the grid is up or down, this system intelligently routes power to your essential appliances, providing seamless protection and peace of mind.

2. Unmatched Expandability: Up to 18,432Wh

Never worry about running out of power again. With the capability to support up to 6 B300S battery packs, the AC500 system can be expanded to a monumental 18,432Wh of energy storage (12,288Wh when using B300 packs,A P150D to P090D cable is required if connecting to B300.). This vast power reserve is your assurance against extended outages and your ticket to true energy independence.

3. Powerful Load Support: Up to 10,000W Peak Output

Your entire household is in good hands with the AC500's single-phase 5,000W power output, peaking at 10,000W. This robust capacity means you can effortlessly power lights, refrigerators, smartphones, coffee machines, microwaves, washing machines, and other critical appliances simultaneously without a hitch.

4. Rapid Recharge Capability: 80% in 45 Minutes

With the dual charging capability (AC+DC) and a max charging power of 8,000W(W/ 2 or more B300S), the AC500, in combination with the B300S, redefines fast charging. Achieving 80% charge in just 45 minutes under Turbo Charge mode, this system is designed to rapidly respond to repeated power interruptions, ensuring you’re always prepared.

Facing Rising Electricity Costs? BLUETTI AC500 & B300S Has You Covered

1. Maximize Solar Input: 3,000W PV Charging

Capitalize on free solar energy with up to 3,000W of PV charging capability. By maximizing the use of solar power, the AC500 significantly cuts down your reliance on the grid, saving on electricity bills and utilizing clean, renewable energy.

2. Solar-First Supply: PV Priority UPS Mode

Prioritizing solar energy not only reduces your carbon footprint but also your electricity bills. With the PV Priority UPS Mode, the system automatically utilizes solar-generated power first, tapping into the grid only when necessary.

3. Peak Shaving: Time Control UPS Mode

In areas with significant peak and off-peak rates, the Time Control UPS Mode is your best friend. It intelligently charges the battery during low-rate periods and powers your home during peak times, optimizing your energy costs effectively.

4. Customization for Maximum Savings: Customized UPS Mode

Tailor your energy usage to your lifestyle and save money in the process. Customized UPS Mode allows personalization of solar charging and power supply times and amounts, ensuring you use energy in the most efficient way possible.

The BLUETTI AC500 & B300S Battery Pack, supplemented by the PV350 Solar Panel, offers a robust, flexible, and efficient solution to modern energy challenges. From ensuring constant power in emergencies, supporting a heavy load across your household, to tackling high electricity costs with smart solar utilization and customization options, this system is designed to meet the dynamic needs of today's families. Step into a future where energy reliability, sustainability, and independence are a reality with BLUETTI.

4.More Prime Day 2024 deals:

BLUETTI B300S Expansion Battery

Expansion Battery For Home Backup
①3,072Wh Capacity;②Over 3,500 life cycles;③With 100W USB-C, 12V/10A car port and USB-A port.

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Stay tuned as we roll out more details. Prepare your wishlists, mark your calendars, and gear up for one of the most anticipated shopping events of the year. Prime Day 2024 is not just a day of phenomenal discounts; it's an opportunity to grab the products you've been eyeing at prices that are too good to pass up.

Trust us; you'll want to keep a close eye on what we have in store. The countdown begins now, and anticipation is building. Don’t miss your chance to score some of the best deals of the year. Prime Day 2024 is almost here, and it's going to be epic!

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