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As Prime Day approaches, BLUETTI are thrilled to usher in not just one, not two, but a series of delightful surprises for you! And guess what? Our third wave of incredible deals has officially landed! Right up until July 15th, we're rolling out an exhaustive range of promotions across our entire lineup - be it for your whole home backup needs, energy storage solutions, or portable power for the great outdoors. It's your perfect chance to gear up with some of our top-rated products, all specially curated to keep you powered wherever life takes you. Dive in now and discover how you can elevate your power game with BLUETTI's unbeatable deals!

Here's a direct listing of the product models that are set to surprise you with exciting pricing prior to July 15th:


Make sure to keep an eye on these models for some truly amazing deals coming your way!

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AC300 and AC500: Pioneers of Home Battery Backup and Solar Generators

At the forefront of this promotional wave are the AC300 and AC500 models, cornerstones of portable power that blend innovation, efficiency, and versatility. Let's dive deeper into these two models and discover why grabbing them during the sale period is a golden opportunity.

The AC300: Your Flexible Energy Solution

The AC300, combined with the robust B300 battery module, exemplifies adaptability and power. It caters to a wide range of scenarios, from providing essential emergency backup power to your home to serving as a comprehensive energy resolution solution capable of both emergency power and reducing your electricity bills. The AC300 can effortlessly expand by connecting to multiple B300 battery units, ensuring your power needs are met without compromise. During the promotional period, expect deals on packages like AC300+B300, AC300+B300+PV350 solar panel combinations, and even more expansive setups tailored to your energy demand. Embrace the future of home energy with the AC300's unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

The AC500: Ultimate Power and Expansion

The AC500, paired with a B300S battery pack, is the epitome of power and scalability. It's designed for those who refuse to settle, offering substantial backup capability that can extend up to an impressive 18,432Wh when six B300S packs are connected. The integration of fast charging technology allows for an 80% recharge in just about 45 minutes, ensuring you're always prepared, no matter the unpredictability of power outages. The AC500 stands out not just for its sheer power but for its rapid response and environmental consciousness - fully charged by solar panels for a green and efficient solution. For those looking to secure a powerhouse, the AC500+B300S deal during this sale should not be missed.

A Call to Action: Don't Let These Deals Slip Away!

Whether it's the versatile AC300 or the mighty AC500, this sales event is your chance to upgrade your energy setup with state-of-the-art technology at prices that are too good to pass up. Moreover, with options to extend your system with additional battery packs or solar panels like the PV350 and PV200, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a future-proof solution for your energy independence.

Seize the Moment: Invest in Your Energy Independence

As July 15th approaches, remember that these promotions are more than just discounts; they represent a leap towards a sustainable and reliable energy future. The featured models, especially the AC300 and AC500, offer a blend of technological brilliance and practicality that's rare to find. Whether you're aiming for a cleaner energy source for your home, securing your family's comfort during unexpected power outages, or ensuring your off-grid adventures are powered throughout, now is the time to act.

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Don't wait any longer! The opportunity to embrace these incredible deals is now. Join us immediately to take advantage of these promotions before it's too late. Remember, these offers won't last forever. Secure your chance to elevate your energy solutions with our premium products at prices that are simply too good to miss. Act fast, and join our community today to make the most out of this limited-time opportunity!

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