Fight the Summer Heat Wave with Portable Solar Power Stations

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Australia is blessed with a warm and tropical climate, allowing the country to harbor perhaps the most diverse set of creatures in the world.

However, the country has been a target of extreme summer heat waves in the past few years, causing the temperature to climb up to unbearable figures, which has led to many fatalities in the nation. In fact, over the span of the past 200 years, heat waves have resulted in more casualties in Australia than any other natural calamity.

In this article, we will explore how you can use portable solar power stations to fight off the next heat wave at home and on the go, without inflating your electricity bill. So without any further delay, let’s begin!

What Is a Summer Heat Wave?

A heat wave is a period of exceptionally hot weather that, in some cases, can also be accompanied by significant humidity, especially in nations with maritime climates. Although there are several definitions, a heat wave is typically defined with respect to the local climate and the average temperatures in the area for a particular season.

This means that a temperature that is considered to be normal in hot or warm climate regions may be labelled a heat wave in a region with colder climate, given that the temperature is an anomaly and outside the normal climate pattern for the area.

Countless catastrophic crop failures, heightened risk of wildfires in drought-stricken areas, deaths from hyperthermia, and widespread power outages are all large-scale problems that are directly or ondirectly associated by extreme heat waves.

A very recent and concerning occurrence of the Australian heat wave was observed in late 2019 to early 2020. This is when extreme temperatures in Australia caused one of the biggest bushfires in human history, enveloping 19 million hectares of land, destroying over 3,000 homes, and killing around 1.25 billion animals in its wake.

Not only that, the highest ever temperature recorded in Australia was witnessed on January 13, 2022 which was a whopping 50.7 ◦C, again highlighting just how dire the situation is. Why is a heat wave dangerous for people you wonder? The immense heat and sunlight during a heat wave can overwhelm the cooling system of the human body causing it to overheat, which in turn leads to acute cerebrovascular accidents, dehydration and thrombogenesis (blood clotting). This can lead to death if not treated timely!

Fighting Off the Summer Heat Wave with a Portable Solar Power Station

As we have already established, summer heat waves can be extremely dangerous and harmful for us humans. Fortunately, there are various measures we can take to cool ourselves off during a summer heat wave. Let’s explore what these life-saving measures are and how a Bluetti power station can help you implement them.

Use an Air Conditioner

Well, it goes without saying that an air conditioner is perhaps the best appliance one can have to protect them and their loved ones from the brutal heat of the sun during a summer heat wave. The air conditioner can cool your entire home or only certain rooms in your home, in doing so, isolating you and other occupants of the house from the outside heat and protecting them from the harmful effects of the intense UV radiation of the sun.

In addition, your car’s air conditioner does the same job, except that it cools your car cabin instead of your home. This helps you protect yourself from the outside heat on the go when you need to run some errands or attend to an urgent matter during an ongoing heat wave.

The problem with this approach is the inflated electricity bill that the air conditioner is going to cost you. As most of us already know, air conditioners are one of the most high-consumption appliances in our homes and can use up quite a bit of electricity if used for extended periods of time.

Making matters even worse are the skyrocketing electricity rates during the summer, especially during heat waves, due to a higher than normal demand. When you combine the high energy consumption of your air conditioner with surging electricity rates, you are presented with an inflated electric bill, the likes of which will melt you away.

Using a Bluetti power station can, however, solve this problem for you. Bluetti offers cutting-edge, high-capacity portable solar power stations, such as the AC300 which is more than capable of powering your air conditioner, thereby keeping you cool and comfortable without having to worry about a high electricity bill. In addition, by combining your portable solar power station with Bluetti solar panels, you can recharge your system for free using sunlight. This allows you to enjoy an extended energy backup time at no extra cost.

Use Box Fans and Ceiling Fans

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Maybe using an air conditioner is not in the cards for you for some reason or the other. The next best thing you can use is a fan, box, ceiling, or both.

The worst part about summer heat waves is that once the heat of the sun infiltrates your home and warms up the space, it is very difficult to cool your home back down. This is because the heat tends to get trapped inside the home, especially if humidity levels are high, making it difficult to breathe properly or do anything in general.

Using ceiling fans and box fans is an effective way to overcome this problem. Turn on your fans and open your windows and doors, the fans create an airflow inside the home, pushing out the heated air inside and bringing in fresh air. This movement of air prevents heat from getting trapped in your home and allows the space to gradually cool down.

This approach is especially effective after sundown since the outside air tends to cool down faster than the air inside your home. This allows you to replace your hot indoor air with cooler air from the outside, in doing so, cooling your home quite swiftly and effectively.

Furthermore, if you need to head outside for whatever reason, you can even take your box fan(s) to keep you cool during your travels. Using a portable solar power station allows you to power your fans, at home or on the go, for hours on end. With solar charging capability, you can enjoy an extended back up time and keep your fans turned on for as long as you need to.

Drink Cold Refrigerated Beverages

Enjoying an ice-chilled refrigerated drink is a great way to cool off and relax during the peak summer heat wave and at the same time keep your body from overheating and dehydrating. This is because chugging down a cold beverage helps reduce your body temperature while also supplying your body with electrolytes and water, both of which help keep your body hydrated and healthy.

However, summer heat waves often come accompanied with extended power outages. This means that you’ll have to do without a working refrigerator for several hours, which roughly translates to no more cold beverages for you. But you needn’t worry about it, using your Bluetti portable power station you can easily power your home refrigerator for over an hour. Combined with Bluetti solar panels, your solar power station will be able to power your refrigerator for even longer than that.

The best part is that you not only get to enjoy cold drinks during the heat wave, but you also incur no extra electricity cost since your portable solar power station gives you 100% free and clean energy. Additionally, you can also power a portable cool box or mini refrigerator with your portable power station allowing you to enjoy chilled beverages on the road.

Important note: choose your beverages carefully since not all drinks will be beneficial for you during a heat wave. For instance, you should avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks since both these substances act as diuretics and promote dehydration.

Eliminating Summer Heat Waves Using Portable Solar Power Stations

What if we told you that your Bluetti power station cannot only help you stay cool during a summer heat wave, but it can also help you reduce the frequency and intensity of heat waves or maybe even eliminate them entirely.

The number one reason behind the increase in the occurrence and intensity of heat waves is climate change and global warming. Climate change is essentially a change of regional and global climate patterns whereas global warming is the gradual heating up of the earth’s atmosphere. Climate change has generally resulted in shortened and milder winters while summers are growing longer and more severe.

On the other hand, global warming has led to melting of polar ice caps, an increase in the sea level, urban flooding and a variety of other problems. Both global warming and climate change are a result of the carbon emissions from our extensive use of fossil fuels, much of which goes into power generation for commercial and domestic use.

However, the increased use of portable solar power stations, especially to power the high-consumption appliances, will help reduce the demand for grid supplied energy. A lower demand translates to decreased production which means that by using portable solar systems, you can help reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and hence the regional and global carbon emissions.

This allows the planet to regulate and reduce the high carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere to a sustainable level and restore itself back to a healthy state. To reiterate, using portable solar power stations can help reduce the carbon emissions that are damaging the planet and leading to more frequent and severe heat waves.

Final Thoughts

The large-scale consumption of fossil fuels has led to the deterioration of the planet’s health to the point that summer heat waves are becoming more and more of a common occurrence. These heat waves have proven to be extremely detrimental for humans as well as flora and fauna.

Fortunately, there are various measures you can take to safeguard yourself from the next heat wave. With a Bluetti power station at your side, you don’t even have to worry about an inflated electric bill or power outages. Instead, you can enjoy a long and reliable energy backup, allowing you to play your part in saving the planet as well as helping you save on your electric bill. Get ready to purchase this one-stop solution to all your summer problems!

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