Melbourne to Adelaide Road Trip

Melbourne to Adelaide Road Trip
Pack your car, get the road trip playlist ready, and set off on a Melbourne to Adelaide road trip adventure! There are very few routes in the world that pack in quite as much variety as this one, which will take you through volcanic landscapes, fertile wine regions, and many more.

Don't rush and enjoy the scenic route along the Great Ocean Road. Don’t forget to marvel at the natural wonders of Mount Gambier. And, while you're at it, you can cool off in the ocean at beautiful seaside towns like Robe.

Don't worry if you don't know how to begin. We've drawn two of the best paths to take you from Melbourne to Adelaide, including the many wonders that you can discover along the way.

The Best Route to Reach Adelaide from Melbourne

The best route from Melbourne to Adelaide depends on how much time you have and what you want to see along the way. Don't worry about your choices. We've got you covered with these tips that will make your journey as smooth as possible.

1. Melbourne to Cape Otway

You can kick off your Melbourne to Adelaide road trip by making your way to Cape Otway. The road conditions are generally good and the drive takes about three hours. If you leave early enough and everything goes smoothly, you should arrive at your destination in the afternoon.

Otway Cape is a feast for your taste buds, as it offers some of the best locally-grown produce in Victoria. You can find a range of places to eat and amazing food that will satisfy your appetite. And, don't forget to treat yourself to a glass of wine from one of the wineries.

After a day of exploring the area, you can relax at the hidden Bimbi Park. There is accommodation to suit every pocket, from simple campsites to cozy cabins. There is also room for your van so you can leave it without any worry.

2. Cape Otway to Halls Gap

Halls Gap is a magnet for Victoria locals. You can get there straight from Melbourne. In fact, there are public transportation options. But you will skip the amazing sights in Cape Otway if you choose to do this.

If you want to take the quickest and easiest route to reach Halls Gap from Cape Otway, you can drive along the C154 highway. This route will take you about 4 hours and you will see mostly fields and villages along the way.

Before you reach Halls Gap, it is a good idea to make a stop at Moyston. It’s mainly known as the birthplace of AFL. If you think you have what it takes, try to time your visit with the Moyston Longest Kick competition.

3. Halls Gap to Mount Gambier

Driving from Halls Gap to Mount Gambier takes almost three hours. One of the first places you should visit is the Silverband Falls. It is fed by Dairy Creek and is characterized by a narrow band of water that tumbles over a small rock face.

Another place you can stop at is the Hamilton Botanic Gardens, which has great historical, scientific, and aesthetic significance. The gardens were designed by William Guilfoyle, who had the goal of introducing sweeping lawns, curved paths, and rockeries with cacti and succulents into the complex. 

When you arrive at Mount Gambier, you can have dinner at one of the many restaurants. For accommodation options, you can choose from popular options like Delgattie Estate, Old Mount Gambier Gaol, and Pine Country Caravan Park.

The last one is probably the best accommodation option if you bring a campervan. This accommodation option has a special cabin that welcomes you and your furry friends. It can fit up to four people and two dogs comfortably. It also has its own fenced yard so you can relax while your dogs play around outside.

4. Mount Gambier to Beachport

On the fourth day, you can continue your journey to Beachport. This city is located on Australia’s southern shoreline, and it only takes around one hour's drive from Mount Gambier, making it a great place to spend another day during your Melbourne to Adelaide adventure.

Although it is commonly known for its sandy beaches and super-long jetty, Beachport is more than just a place to enjoy the sun and the sea. It also has two hidden gems that you might not know about, the Pool of Siloam and the Woakwine Cutting.

The Pool of Siloam is like a natural spa that is seven times saltier than the sea. People love to swim here all year round. Its high salt content makes it very easy to float, so it's great for anyone who wants to relax.

The Woakwine Cutting, on the other hand, is a place that tells the story of a man’s courage. It was dug by Murray McCourt in 1957 to drain the swamp on his farm. Murray took a gamble and succeeded in digging the cutting with only one helper and some machines.

5. Beachport to Adelaide

Are you ready for the final leg of your adventure from Melbourne to Adelaide? But, before you hit the road, it is wise to fill up your stomach first. The Waterfront Cafe at the Jetty is a popular breakfast spot for locals. Here, you can have a plate of bacon and eggs as well as your morning coffee while you observe the dock area.

Now, after you have satisfied your hunger, it's time to continue your journey to Adelaide. This final drive should take around 4 hours to finish. So, to give you enough time to enjoy the attractions in the final city, it's best for you to leave a little bit early this time.

Get on the road and follow the B101 highway. Along the way, you should see tranquil views on your left side, including Lake Eliza, Guichen Bay, and The Granites. Keep going until you reach Lake Albert Yarli, and take the right turn to the town of Monarto.

Things to Know Before Going from Melbourne to Adelaide

The roads between Melbourne and Adelaide are smooth and easy for roadtrippers. You might find more traffic on the roads during the Christmas time, but the roads are peaceful over winter. However, you have to be ready for colder and stormier weather.

And, if you are not from Melbourne, you will need to borrow a vehicle to do a road trip to Adelaide. Luckily, renting a car for your adventure in this city is a piece of cake. You can find many vehicle rental businesses in Melbourne to choose from.

You can choose a standard car or a camper van for your road trip journey. And, if you are a visitor wanting to get your car in Melbourne, you must show a valid driver's license from your original country. A few rental companies will also check your passport.

Remember that a renter needs to be at least 21 years old to borrow a vehicle in any place in Australia. You will also have to leave a deposit to protect your rental from any damage, with amounts varying depending on the rental company.

Before you start your trip from Melbourne to Adelaide, learn the road regulations. If you're not a native of this country, remember that each area has its local laws. Don't break the obvious ones, like driving without your seatbelt fastened.

Besides following the rules and regulations, make sure you pack well, such as bringing all your personal items. Snacks are a must-have for any road trip. Also, don't forget to bring other essential items.

To keep all of your devices charged along the way, a product like BLUETTI EB55 is really what you need. This is a portable power station, which means you can use it to power up all of your smartphones and gadgets anywhere you need.



For a more convenient trip, it’s best to do a journey from Melbourne to Adelaide around September. You can still have a lot of sunny days during this month, but the temperature is still friendly enough for your skin.

And, speaking of time, you should always plan to drive during the day. Australia is rich in wildlife, which adds an extra touch of exoticness to the country. However, when it comes to road trips, you will want to minimize your encounter with the native fauna.

The Takeaway

Did you know that if you drive non-stop, you could complete a Melbourne to Adelaide road trip in merely eight hours? But that would be like eating a cake without tasting it! The scenery of Australia is so diverse and you should savor every mile you take.

Cruising this route lets you enjoy more things and stay longer in the places you love. You can always add more excitement to your adventure by planning extra overnight stops along the way. If you have some extra cash, there are plenty of other outdoor activities to try as well.



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