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Power stations from the BLUETTI brand are no strangers on our website, because they certainly deserve some spotlight. Just like their latest model, the BLUETTI AC200P with massive 2000Wh power capacity. It is truly one of the most reliable portable power sources on the market. And we will take a closer look at its details and specifications in the few following paragraphs. Who knows, maybe you will realize, that you desperately need one for the summer.


You won’t easily run out of power capacity with this BLUETTI AC200P power station, as it has a 2000Wh power capacity. That’s a lot the power capacity . It is the equivalent of putting together twenty small portable power stations, that may only use a single AC outlet.

The use of a 2000Wh power capacity is great, but it’s also necessary.  Because of the many ways that you’re able to use AC200P. That said, there are two amounts of power capacity, that you’ll be able to use when it comes to using this power station. As some parts of the power station use less power and therefore you get more power capacity to use as the conversion of the battery power is better.


Faster, or more power-oriented parts of using this power station will give you less power capacity to lose as there is more heat generated.

2000Wh x 1000 = 2,000,000 / 3.7V = 540,540mAh

Maybe you are more accustomed to using Mili-Amp Hour (mAh) to measure power capacity, rather than Watt Hours (Wh), as it’s used prominently with power banks. Then you can tell that 540,540mAh is a very VERY high power capacity.

This is a measure of power that you’ll be able to use when it comes to charging from the USB-A and USB-C Power Delivery port on this power station. However, the power station charging power may vary. As it’s able to charge at higher voltages when charging certain devices.

Overall, if all you’re doing with this power station is charging smartphones or tablets, while you’re out camping or on a road trip, then it may very well last the entirety of your trip. This is because most smartphones on the market now have around 4,000mAh battery capaciuty. So with a 540,540mAh power capacity you can get one hundred or more full charges for a single smartphone. Even splitting those full charges among two, three, or even four phones, still means that this power station can last for many days or a week of constant use.


Before purchasing a portable power station it is important to acknowledge that it will be large and heavy. Portable power stations are not be held for a long duration of time and are more meant to be stored in case of an emergency or those places and times where you don’t have access to a stable source of power such as a wall outlet.

That’s the case for this AC200P power station as it has a length of 16.5 inches, a with of 15.2 inches, and a height of 11 inches. Most importantly the AC200P power stations weigh 57 pounds. It’s very heavy so be careful, when picking it up. Once again, this is not a power station that you can hold for a long time. It’s meant to stay in a single place, because of its larger size and heavyweight.


Even with all of its features, using the AC200P power station is quite easy. All the output ports are at the front of the unit other than the two wireless charging pads at the top. The two input ports for recharging the power stations can be found to the side.

Also, at the front is where you’ll find a touch LCD screen. From the screen, you’re able to control quite a few things within the power station. The first thing you’re able to see is how much remaining power capacity is there. You are also able to see how much power the power station is outputting.

You can also select for the AC200P to enter into special Power Saver mode. In Power Saver mode the AC200P turns off automatically, if it goes under a certain power output.


First, the basics. The AC200P gets the basics perfectly, and that’s because it has a total of four USB-A ports and a single USB-C Power Delivery port.

There are two pairs of USB-A ports, and each pair has a 5V/3.0A power output. This is a great charging speed for basically charging any smartphone or tablet out there. That said, none of the USB-A ports features Quick Charge, so you won’t be able to fast charge your Android smartphone with any of the USB-A ports.

Then there’s the USB-C Power Delivery port. When it comes to Power Delivery, most power banks tend to use either an 18W, 30W, or 45W Power Delivery charging speed. Those are good pretty good charging speeds, but this AC200P has a 60W charging speed, higher than what most power banks have.

At the same time, a 60W Power Delivery charging speed can charge most USB-C PD laptops at or near their max charging speed. For example, the MacBook Air has a 30W max charge rate, so this PD port can charge it at its max charging speed with the 60W PD port. The Lenovo Flex 5 laptop that I use is also able to charge at its max speed.

When it comes to charging smartphones, the Power Delivery port is also able to charge USB-C smartphones and iPhones at their max speed, too.

To add to the five charging ports, this power station even has two wireless charging pads at the top and this enables you to charge two Qi wireless charging smartphones at the top of the power station. The best part is that the two wireless charging pads have a combined 15W output, meaning that you’re able to fast charge a Samsung phone at 10W and charge another phone at the same time at 5W. Bluetti didn’t have to place wireless charging on this power station, and most power stations don’t have wireless charging in the first place. However, the fact that you’re able to charge your phone without a cable with this power station is incredible.


Power stations are built to be reliable, and they’re more reliable than any power bank that you will purchase. BLUETTI AC200P power station is one of the most reliable power stations, that you can spend money on. There are very few power stations that make use of 2AC outlets. On top of that you have four USB-A ports, 60W Power Delivery port and two wireless charging pads at the top.

You also get three types of DC ports that can prove useful for charging or powering certain devices and appliances. With all of these ways to use the AC200P and combining it with the massive 2000Wh power capacity, using this power station is like taking your home with you no matter where you are.

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