Best All-In-One Unit I've Found!

Best All-In-One Unit I've Found!

Best All-In-One Unit I've Found!! Very Versatile and PLENTY of POWER for Outages!!

I just received the AC200P and first of all, it was WELL packaged! When I opened it had a 54% charge so I let it fully charge overnight. After it fully charged, everything I put on it worked flawlessly! I purchased this as a backup power unit should the power go out during a storm and after my initial tests, I can rest easy knowing I have backup power for CPAPS, fans, refrigerator, freezer and other major appliances. I read a lot of technical specs but here are some real-world tests I ran.

The first thing I tried was my Keurig DUO and it drew roughly 1400w making a cup of coffee. I started to go with the EB150 but I’m glad I went ahead with the AC200P. The inverter on the EB150 wouldn’t have had enough power to run it. Next onto the full-size fridge. I’m actually surprised at the wattage that pulled. 155W when the compressor was running. So, this would have easily run it for several hours which would come in handy during a power outage. Next, I tried the 4-slice toaster and again, no problem. It ran at 1700W.

All in all, if you are looking for a power backup solution to help you during a storm, this is it. I’ve looked at a LOT of units and the AC200 is by far the best all-in-one unit out there.
The only con I’ve found so far is the weight but that comes with territory. Weighing in at 60lbs, if you plan to move this around, get a cart. That will save your back.

Final thoughts, this is an amazing unit. It is so versatile and there are a lot of uses for the AC200P. I highly recommend it!

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