Best Solar Providers in Australia

best solar providers in australia
To decrease the effect of fossil fuels, Australia is promoting renewable energy, including solar power. For this, the government is offering rebates and many schemes for people who will use solar power to generate electricity. In the last few years, many solar providers have been operating in the country and are selling solar systems for home, farm, and office spaces. 

Are you planning to buy a solar system for your house's power needs but feeling confused about which solar provider to choose? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss the best solar providers in Australia, including BLUETTI

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List of the Best Solar Providers in Australia

Australia has sun-soaked landscapes. People and companies use solar power more often to get the energy they need. Here is the list of the best solar providers in Australia:


SunBoost, headquartered in Sydney, is Australia's largest solar retailer. It spans its services across six states and two territories. SunBoost is not just a profit-driven entity, it embeds community service at the core of its operations. They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind. Also, all their solar systems are approved by the Clean Energy Council, which ensures the company meets top-quality Australian standards.

SunBoost's solar solutions cater to a wide range of needs. They serve small homes and large-scale residences. There is a 6.6kW package of solar systems that is a good option for smaller homes. It features Tier 1 panels and a 5 kW Wifi inverter, ensuring optimal efficiency. Medium homes can benefit from the 10.12kW package of SunBoost, and for Large homes, there is the 13.2kW package. 



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    Trina Solar was started in 1997. It is now a leading solar company worldwide for selling high-quality solar panels and inverters. The firm is determined to have a future with net zero emissions. Trina Solar's Vertex series includes super strong power modules and is best for all home types, office buildings, businesses, etc. These modules exceed 600W and set new efficiency standards. 

    Its Vertex N high-efficiency modules are based on advanced N-TOPCon technology. They promise high power, low degradation, and low-temperature coefficients. The Vertex S+ series brings this power to residential applications. It offers unparalleled value, aesthetics, and reliability. Trina ensures their solar products meet the highest standards of environmental protection.


    BLUETTI is a well-known solar company that sells high-quality portable solar systems. They have many kinds of solar items, such as solar panels and power backup systems. BLUETTI provides power stations that you can carry with you while travelling and solar batteries to store extra solar energy for emergency use. Their solar panels, batteries, and generators are approved by the Clean Energy Council. It is one of the trustworthy brands for solar solutions in Australia. 

    For example, you can shop for the BLUETTI AC200L Portable Power Station to run your electrical equipment without paying a utility bill. It has 6 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead Battery/AC+Solar) to use on vacation or in remote areas. Also, it is expandable up to 4,096Wh with 1×B230 or 8,192Wh with 2×B300 batteries. It is the best solution for all your electricity needs. 



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     Another amazing solar system of BLUETTI is BLUETTI AC200MAX + B230, which is a complete home backup to use electricity in winter, at night, or on rainy days. With a 2,200W full-power pure sine wave inverter, the AC200MAX can be your mobile recharge centre off-the-grid or on the way. 

    REC Solar Panels

    REC Solar Panels are one of the leaders in solar solutions in Australia. They are packed with the latest technology that gives you solar systems with long warranties and guarantees. In 2022, the company was awarded the esteemed 2022 Intersolar Award for a lead-free solar module. REC's panels are reliable for homes, businesses, and power plants. They have a full 25-year warranty. 

    Sun 2 Solar

    Sun2Solar has been involved in solar energy for more than 15 years. It is based in Ballarat Central, VIC, Australia. They focus on providing efficient solar solutions to homeowners and businesses. They also prioritise social responsibility. This solar company is actively engaging in charitable initiatives and local partnerships. 

    Their reputation is built on a foundation of innovation. They prioritise environmental sustainability and customer-focused solutions. Sun2Solar harnesses solar radiation for electricity. It also supports concentrated solar energy. Sun2Solar contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable tomorrow.


    Longi started the solar business in 2000 with customised solar products. The company produce 30GW solar wafers and modules according to international standards. Longi provides great solutions for the solar and renewables industry, from silicon wafers to PV modules. You can get solar panels of various sizes as per your power needs for your home or business. 

    They are one of the best solar providers in Australia and are committed to provide the best solutions to save the environment. Also, Longi is a loyal partner of the photovoltaic industry and generates greater value for the client’s investment.

    Solaray Energy

    Solaray Energy proudly holds the title of Australia's largest smart solar installer. They recently received the Enphase Customer First Award for their solar solutions. The company's extensive experience guides customers through every step of their solar journey. They help customers select the right solar system according to their energy needs and roof area. 

    They also provide seamless installation, commissioning, and ongoing technical support for all their solar systems. Solaray Energy focuses on premium solar panels. They also offer free system upgrades to the latest Enphase Microinverters. They also provide full-service warranties for their solar products. 

    Arise Solar

    Arise Solar takes pride in being Australia's leading solar retailer. They are dedicated to providing clean energy solutions for homes and businesses nationwide. Their mission is simple yet impactful. They aim to offer renewable energy solutions and top-quality solar systems. This will contribute to a cleaner and brighter future for the country. Arise Solar commits to quality. They guarantee it with a 25-year warranty on panels from the company. They also give a 5-year warranty for their work and craft. This helps make customers happy. It also moves us towards a better future for the environment.

    How to choose the solar provider in Australia 

    Choosing the right solar provider in Australia is a crucial step. Here are essential factors to consider when buying solar systems from trusted providers:

    Reviews and reputation

    Choose a solar provider that has a good reputation for products and services. Check the reviews about the company on online platforms. Also, enquire about the quality of the company’s solar panels from previous customers or users near you. 

    Product quality

    Check the quality of the solar panels, inverter, and other equipment you need to power your house. Ensure you pick high-quality panels with advanced technology. For example, BLUETTI solar systems are made of premium quality material and long-lasting. 



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    Customisation options

    Find solar providers that give custom services to fit your unique energy needs for your business or house. A one-size-fits-all method might not get the most out of your solar setup. Making your system special means it's made for the best use of time. If you are a traveller, then you can opt for the portable power system to use electricity in remote areas while travelling.

    Warranties and guarantees

    Check the promises and assurances given by the solar providers in Australia. A strong commitment and long-term warranties on solar systems ensure the product is good to use for a long time. It also increases the trust of the solar providers and their services. Make sure the warranty covers important parts so you feel safe and confident.


    Do not forget to check the certification of the solar providers before you buy a solar system from them. Make sure that the solar company follows industry rules and has needed certificates as per the Australian government’s rules for solar energy. Following the rules and standards keeps your solar system safe and dependable.

    Financial options

    Explore the financial packages and incentives offered by potential providers. Some solar companies provide financing options, so check them. They also offer government rebates, which makes solar adoption more financially feasible. Consider the overall cost and possible return on investment as well.

    Customer service

    Effective customer service is paramount. Pick a solar company that has the fastest and most reliable customer service to help you with any problem with your solar system. Good communication and effective help make using solar power easy. 


    Now you know about the best solar providers in Australia, including companies like SunBoost, Trina, BLUETTI, etc., Make sure you buy solar panels from a trusted company. Choosing the best solar provider in Australia is very important for your solar system. Make sure you check the reviews, reputation, warranty, quality, and many other things of solar providers before finalising one. By investing in solar power, you are not only saving money on utility bills but also contributing to a clean and green environment. 

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