Comparing Solar Battery Price: Finding the Best Value for Your Home

Comparing Solar Battery Price: Finding the Best Value for Your Home

Australian homeowners are embracing sustainability and choosing clean energy options over conventional power supply. Solar energy adaptability has increased across Australia; the government also encourages the transition by offering rebates and incentives. It has caused a boom in solar equipment sales. 

Currently, the solar equipment market in Australia is highly saturated. You've many options, whether you buy a stand-alone solar battery or a complete solar system. It becomes difficult for buyers to purchase the right thing at the right price. If you're considering investing in solar batteries for your home, we'll help you make a sound purchase decision. 

Whether upgrading your system or replacing an existing battery pack, we'll find you the best solar battery price — explore with us!

Average Solar Battery Price in Australia

Before heading to current market prices, let's get an idea of average battery prices in Australia. Usually, the prices are based on power capacity in kWh. Various other factors also affect the costs; we've included them in a separate section. 


Battery Capacity (kWh)

Average Price (AUD$)

With Inverter Costs (AUD$)


3 kWh

$ 4,100



8 kWh

$ 10,160



13 kWh

$ 15,860



18 kWh

$ 24,2480


The average cost per kWh ranges between $600 to $1000 with the inverter or charger. The battery price will depend on brand, capacity, and other factors. This estimate will help you define a budget range for the battery. 

Top 5 Solar Batteries Available in Australia

We're listing trusted and tested batteries you can buy in Australia. The prices are as of September 2023. Before reviewing these batteries, you must know your current solar power system capacity (with extendable capacity) and your daily power consumption. It will help you single out batteries compatible with your system and needed power backup. 

1. BLUETTI Home Battery Backup


BLUETTI's home battery backup includes a range of batteries designed for home solar systems. Their battery packs have a built-in inverter and charging system for ultimate convenience. The BLUETTI batteries are made using LiFePO4 advanced technology. The batteries' capacity starts from 2 kWh to 9 kWh, and the expandable capacity varies from product to product. The 9 kWh battery pack can be expanded to 19 kWh.

BLUETTI AC300 + B300 Home Battery Backup is the best battery solution if your daily power consumption is around 3 kWh. The battery pack has an integrated 3 kW AC inverter. It is expandable up to 12 kWh with additional batteries. The max solar input for the battery is 2.4 kW. It has dual recharge technology (AC+Solar) for fast recharging. The price is just A$4,998 with a 4-year warranty and subscription-free mobile application for monitoring. 

2. TESLA PowerWall 2


TESLA has also introduced solar batteries in the Australian market. Their PowerWall 2 Lithium-ion battery has a massive 13.5 kWh usable capacity (Total of 14 kWh). The battery pack uses an integrated inverter and mobile monitoring system via the AGL app. It is offered with a 10-year warranty for A$11,350. The battery supports up to 7 kW solar input and 5 kW continuous input. The built quality is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

PowerWall is designed to provide 50% more stored electricity than competitors. It supports dual charging; the 75% capacity is charged on solar input and 25% on off-peak grid supply. The round-trip efficiency (energy retrievable after recharge) is 90%. The battery has very attractive stats and can be a good purchase. Your investment will be safe with TESLA; the brand has a strong network across Australia. 

3. Sungrow High Voltage Battery


Sungrow is leading the power storage sector in Australia. It is known for highly efficient LiFePO4 Prismatic Cell batteries. It currently offers 10 kWh, 13 kWh, and 16 kWh batteries with expandable capacity up to 100 kWh. These batteries require separate inverters and are only compatible with Sungrow official inverters. What makes Sungrow unique is its durability and extended warranty of up to 10 years. 

Sungrow 10 kWh High Voltage Battery is the best option in their diverse range. It is priced at A$11,000 and offers 90% round-trip efficiency. The battery is made according to IP55 standards for indoor and outdoor use. It is compatible with official Sungrow hybrid inverters supporting 8.76 kW max solar input. The battery has a SOC and status indicators displayed on an integrated LCD. It couldn't be monitored via mobile app.

4. BYD Battery Box Premium HVM 


BYD is Australia's top solar battery seller, with an extended customer base. It offers a range of premium battery boxes with capacities of 4 kWh to 13.8 kWh. The BYD batteries don't come with integrated inverters, yet they're compatible with most inverters readily available. 

BYD Battery Box Premium HVM with 13.8 kWh usable capacity is a good option. It overshadows competitors with over 96% round-trip efficiency. The battery can be monitored on a mobile app. Although LiFePO4 is the safest battery technology, the battery has a shutdown option for added safety. The battery's current market price is A$12,500, which is highly variable due to its demand. 

5. DYNESS Powerbox

Dyness Powerbox is a combination of efficiency and affordability. The 10 kWh Dyness battery pack has 95% round-trip efficiency and fully usable storage capacity due to 90% depth of discharge. It is compatible with hybrid and off-grid inverters and supports modular expansion. Plus, it's made with the safest LiFePO4 battery chemistry. 


The battery pack has an IP65 rating; it's dust and water-resistant. With a 10-year warranty, the battery is priced at A$10,000 only. You can expand Dyness Powerbox as needed; it is compatible with various inverters cross-brands, and it is highly efficient. These good reasons make it a suitable investment for you. 

Solar Battery Prices Comparison Sheet

Let's see how these brands compare and compete with each other. This sheet will provide a fair insight into the options we've suggested. Hopefully, the battery offers the best value for your home.



Price (AUD$)

Round-trip Efficiency (%)

Warranty (Years)

Cost per Total Warranted kWh (1 cycle per day) in AUD$


BYD Battery Box Premium HVM



10 years



TESLA PowerWall 2



10 years



Sungrow High Voltage Battery



10 years



Dyness Powerbox



10 years



BLUETTI Home Battery Backup



04 years


Factors Affecting Solar Batteries Prices

Solar prices are affected by numerous factors; the variability is also due to the demand and supply scenario. We'll explore key factors that drive solar battery prices.


The battery storage capacity in kWh is a crucial price determinant. The manufacturing costs usually depend on this factor. If you go out to buy a battery, the first question asked will be about capacity.

bluetti ep500

BLUETTI is revolutionizing the market trends by offering BLUETTI EP500/ EP500 PRO | Solar Power Station with a 5 kW capacity at A$5,999 only. The advanced battery backup system has an integrated inverter, a touchscreen control panel, and intelligent monitoring. It is highly portable and has AC/DC outlets for plug-and-play use. The battery pack is portable and fitted on the wheelbase for added convenience. It's something you shouldn’t miss!


Batteries priced higher usually have additional features for convenience and efficiency. For instance, integrated energy management systems, smartphone app monitoring, built-in inverters, and compatibility with inverters cause the price to go up. 

bluetti ac180

Ever wondered about using your solar battery during camping adventures or caravaning? BLUETTI AC180 Portable Power Station has this extraordinary feature. It's compact, portable, and like a hand-carry. The device has over 1.1 kWh capacity and houses AC/DC outlets to power all your appliances. It is reasonably priced at A$1,499 and is quite an impressive product. You should consider buying it as an add-on to your home solar battery. 


Various determinants help gauge a battery's performance and efficiency. If the battery has higher round-trip efficiency or depth of discharge, its price will be higher. Plus, batteries reducing energy costs are also priced higher.


It highlights the reliability and durability of any product. For batteries, a more extended warranty means a better return on investment. The batteries with extended warranty periods are expensive and considered more reliable. 

Brand Value

Brands with a solid customer base or reputation tend to price their products higher. Although Tesla and Sungrow offer similar products, their prices have significant differences. There may be a lot of factors to count, but brand value is also impactful. 

How to Choose the Best Solar Battery for Home?

Batteries are undoubtedly expensive; we suggest essential considerations to make your investment foolproof. Following these, you can choose the best battery for your home. 

  1. Energy Needs & Required Capacity: Calculate your daily energy consumption before buying a battery and compare it with your current battery capacity. Try to get an idea of your consumption during peak usage and choose the battery capacity accordingly. 
  2. Efficiency & Expansion: Consider battery as a long-term investment and don't miss any parameters that affect efficiency. Check the expandability; it's cost-effective to expand batteries as needed rather than reinvesting in new batteries. 
  3. Warranty & Terms of Use: The warranty claims are well-marketed, but the terms of service are kept hidden. They are related because customer warranty claims are often denied based on terms of use violations. You should know both to be on the safe side. 
  4. Inverter Compatibility: Many batteries have inverter compatibility issues. It can decrease battery performance or usable capacity. You inquire about compatible inverters and use those only. 

Final Thoughts

Batteries require a hefty investment; it's heavy on the pockets if it goes wrong. When you buy a battery, don't go after low prices; make an informed decision and choose wisely. We've provided you with the criteria and comparison to find the battery that offers the best value for a home. Wish you luck!