Top 5 Caravan and Camping Sales Companies in Australia 2023

Top 5 Caravan and Camping Sales Companies in Australia 2023

Are you looking to buy a caravan for travel ventures? We’re here to help you get the best caravan in Australia! No more worrying about hotels, bookings, or schedules; travel limitless and go everywhere the road leads. Get the ultimate freedom for adventure.

Buying a caravan can be tedious, especially for excited first-time buyers. Your travel freedom could be lost if you don't make the right investment. So, save your excitement for later and follow our guide to make your purchase the best buy. 

Look at our list of Top 5 caravan and camping sales companies. You won’t get better offers anywhere else in Australia. Going for a sleek brand-new caravan or a budget-friendly used option, they’ve got you covered!

All set? Get ready to behold Australia’s scenic beauty and enjoy travel adventures on your caravan. 

Top 5 Caravan and Camping Sales Companies in Australia

We've shortlisted these companies after extensive market research. Each company on our list has over 95% customer satisfaction rate. Their prices are market competitive; plus, you get a wide range of options, including top brands like Jayco, Windsor, Adria, Coromal, Franklin, Winnebago, Millard, and Viscount.

Apollo RV Sales 

Apollo RV Sales top our list with their 35 years of customer satisfaction in caravan sales services. They’ve multiple outlets across Australia where you can buy drive-ready caravans. Their yards are packed with new and used caravans, motorhomes, campervans, and off-road RVs. Reach out to get your hands on the best caravan!

Apollo RV also manufactures caravans; their product line includes Talvor, Windsor, and Winnebago. They have a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Brisbane. You can also customize your caravan with their experts. You can always return to Apollo RV for servicing, repair, and upgrades. They're the best caravan sales company in Australia.

Why choose Apollo RV?

  • Customer satisfaction is ensured before and after the sale.
  • Offer a variety of caravan options per your requirements.
  • Customization and upgradation are accessible. 

Considerations to Make;

  • Prices are comparatively higher than other sales services.
  • Does not offer rental services. 

Sydney RV Group

Sydney RV Group is a market leader in caravan sales. It has the most extensive range of caravan brands, including Adria, Coromal, Franklin, Majestic Caravans, Nova Caravans, Talvor, and more. They offer highly personal services; you can visit them with your requirements. Rest assured; you'll get your dream caravan from Sydney RV Group. 

The dedicated sales team will help you with finances and paperwork. Their dealership also has a reliable repair and servicing center to ensure post-sales customer care. If you’re looking for used options, they’ve got you covered. 

Why choose Sydney RV Group?

  • Both budget-friendly and high-end options are available. 
  • Best collection of used caravans
  • Good customer care and customer assistance.

Considerations to Make;

  • Parts, accessories, and servicing are expensive. 
  • Avoid third-party agents involved in sales. 

Australian Motor Homes

Australian Motor Homes is an old player in the caravan sales market. They offer buy and sell services to customers. Currently, they have the largest deposit of used caravans in Australia. Their brand line-up includes Avida, Sunliner RV, Colorado Caravans, and Royal Flair Caravans. If you’re around NSW, do visit their dealership. It’s heaven for caravan lovers. 

Australian Motor Homes also offer parking and storage facility for caravans. You can park your caravan at their facility safely and securely. Moreover, their repair and servicing mechanism isn't up to the mark but comparatively fine. They've registered service agents across Australia to cater to customers' servicing and repair needs. 

Why choose Australian Motor Homes? 

  • Caravans are available at the lowest possible prices. 
  • Buy and sell services under one roof. 
  • Caravan parking and storage services. 

Considerations to Make;

  • Ensure proper inspection before buying used cars.
  • Avoid going to third-party agents for repair and servicing. 

Jayco Official Dealership 

Jayco is a renowned brand for caravans. They’ve official dealerships across Australia that deal in the sales of caravans. You can buy a brand-new Jayco caravan or a used one from the dealership. Their staff is courteous and provides complete assistance throughout the buying process. The company is known for its best after-sales care, having over 100 service centers throughout Australia. 

Jayco also offers online sales services for ease of access. You can connect with their agent to buy your caravan online. Unlike other dealers with ambiguous online prices, the process is seamless and efficient. Moreover, Jayco dealerships have dedicated desks for finances and insurance; if you're not into paperwork, you can do it quickly. 

Why choose Jayco?

  • Jayco dealerships offer the best prices on Jayco caravans.
  • Service centers are easily accessible and reasonable. 
  • Finance options are comparatively better. 

Considerations to Make;

  • Jayco dealerships only deal in Jayco caravans. 
  • You have limited options to choose from. 

ARV Caravans 

ARV caravans are a growing community of caravan enthusiasts across Australia. They're involved in caravan sales and offer a complete range of services, including repair and maintenance, customer care, insurance and paperwork, etc. You can reach them out to buy top-quality caravans that are also ARV tested at market-competitive prices. 

ARV caravans are actively working on customization; you can also get a customized caravan to cater to your needs. Plus, if you're making an online purchase, they also offer Australia-wide delivery to make the process seamless. ARV caravans are swiftly reaching the top; you can try them for yourself. 

Why ARV Caravans?

  • Caravan enthusiasts are working for their love of Australian-built caravans.
  • Offer tried and tested caravans on display. 
  • Flexible and budget-friendly price ranges. 

Considerations to Make;

  • The repair and service network is weak.
  • A single outlet in Australia. 

Comparison Sheet – Make your choice!


Apollo RV Sales

Sydney RV Group

Australian Motor Homes

Jayco Official Dealership

ARV Caravans


Customer Care

Best Prices

Variety Availability

Multiple Locations

How to Choose the Best Caravan

Choosing the best caravan requires some effort. You must hit up the internet to find the best compatible model. Next, when you go to a sales agent or dealership, follow these steps;

Be mindful of Budget: 

Have a clear budget range in your mind. If you want a brand-new caravan packed with features, keep your budget between 75k to 100k. And if you're going for a used caravan, your budget should start from 45k. It helps you make an informed purchase decision without overspending. 

Compare prices:

Go to at least three dealerships to get the best deal for the model you want. You can easily bargain for a five thousand difference. When you know the market price, you will be in an excellent position to negotiate and close the best deal. 

Test and Inspect:

Whether buying a new caravan or a used one, testing and inspection are necessary. Start with the inspection of appliances, tires, and engines. Next, check the paint quality, interior fixtures, and electric fittings. You can also hire a professional team for the task.

Accessories & Customization: 

bluetti solar panel

Spending some amount on accessories and customization will make your caravanning experience better. For instance, you can buy a portable power station for energy independence. BLUETTI has specifically designed AC180 Solar Portable Power Station for outdoor use. It is fast-charging on solar energy and provides 24-hour backup. 

You can also charge the device with your caravan supply when the sun is out. The power station works smoothly and noiselessly; it won’t affect the serenity of the Australian landscape. And when you’re on a hike or not around, you can control the device with a mobile app. Sounds feature-full? There are more, the device has wireless charging options and a hand-carry design that makes it much more convenient.

Upgrades & Spare Parts

You should choose a brand with a vast network of service centers for repairs, upgrades, and spare parts. If your caravan breaks down, you should have a go-to place nearby. There's no point in choosing brands with no better post-sales customer care. Make your selection wisely!

Most caravans come with run-of-the-mill solar generator kits; upgrading solar generator kits is much needed. We recommend you get a BLUETTI AC500 + B300S Solar Generator Kit with a BLUETTI PV350 Solar panel to begin your adventure worry-free. You won't have power anxiety with the 3-day backup; you can run all your appliances for a comfortable caravanning experience.

The generator kit can fulfill all your power needs, and AC or DC appliances are not a problem. It is rechargeable from all power sources. The device makes power readily accessible to you. Using it with the BLUETTI PV350 Solar panel makes it much more compatible with caravans. The solar panel is best for rough, rugged use and is portable. You can mount it on the roof or place it outside when parked. 

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Buying a caravan should no longer be a problem for you. We've provided you with the best caravan and camping sales dealerships; there's no need to check others.

Further, following our guide, you can close the best deal and get your hands on your dream caravan. 

We Wish you good luck with the ultimate caravanning experience! If you're planning a family trip or going alone, make sure you know how to use BLUETTI’s portable solar generators. (learn more).


Why are caravans so expensive in Australia?

The caravan demand is much higher than caravans being manufactured in Australia. The increased demand skyrockets the prices making caravans so expensive. 

Which caravan brands to avoid in Australia?

Always buy caravans from reputed manufacturers and void home-built or project caravans. If you buy a good brand, you won’t regret your decision later. 

Is now a good time to buy a caravan?

The best time to buy a caravan is off-season when demand is much lower. However, you can get a good deal at any time of the year.

What is the lifespan of a caravan in Australia?

According to experts, the caravan's lifespan is around 14 years. Later than that, you’re more likely to need repairs and upgradation.

Do caravans retain their value?

Yes, caravans have high resale value and a vast used caravan market. Plus, you can always rent out your caravan to get some return on investment.