Surviving in Ausgrid Power Outages: Learn to Power Outage Map

Surviving in Ausgrid Power Outages: Learn to Power Outage Map

Power outages can come unannounced or announced. Regardless of it, no one is ready to face one. Blackouts can be bothersome in a world where everything runs on electricity. They can be due to disasters, maintenance, and other reasons. If you're connected to Ausgrid Power Outages, here's all the information on how to find them, precautionary steps, and more.

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How to Find Out Ausgrid Power Outage?

You can visit Ausgrid's official website,, to know about the power outage. To find the power outages, follow these steps:

  • On the Search bar on the Homepage, please enter your address or go for the Use My Location option.
  • Click on Search 
  • You will see a map with all Planned and unplanned outages
  • Also, you can use options at the bottom to view Present or Future Outages
  • You can navigate the map and read statistics to know real-time information about the map.


You can also contact them to report power outages, accidents, and electric issues. Also, the officials will help you with the status and repair timelines. The Ausgrid power solution has all the answers and solutions related to any electrical issue.

You can also subscribe to their notification system. The company will send you an SMS if there is any planned power cut in your area. Also, they update about power issues and updates occasionally.

Tips for Dealing with Ausgrid Power Outage

Power outages can occur due to many reasons. As soon as it is notified, the technicians take time to assess and repair it on priority. During these times, you can take some steps to manage power outages in your home:

Check the Ausgrid Updates

The first thing is to connect to the officials. You should check if you have received any information(SMS) about the power cut, its reasons, and its duration. You can also check the website and enter your area's PIN code to know about the outages. You can contact them for all the updates if there's a listed and notified power outage.

If the power cut is unplanned, you should inform Ausgrid for assistance. Also, it can be due to an emergency, and the officials will notify you about the scenario, damage, and repair time.

Before the Power Outage

If you have received information about the planned power outage, you can take the following steps:

  • Recharge and check the status of all your devices like laptops, power banks, flashlights, home backup systems, generators, UPS, etc.
  • If you have generators, you can collect fuel to run them.
  • Bring food and stock it up in the freezer at the highest level so it stays fresh for a long time.
  • Fill up the water for drinking and other purposes.
  • Fill your car at the nearest gas station.
  • Buy and take out your daily medicines and first aid box.
  • Unplug all the devices as there can be voltage surges.
  • Keep a list of emergency contacts handy.
  • Gather all the essentials you need during a power outage.

During the Power Outage

During the power outage, it's best to only work on very important tasks. It's suitable to save your backup as sometimes the repairs can take time. So, stay calm and near your loved ones. You can contact the electricity provider for all the real-time updates.

After the Power Outage

After the power outage, it's best to gradually plug all your devices and check if everything is working. If there has been flooding, kindly be very careful while using electricity. Also, restock your essentials and recharge everything. You can call the electricity provider if you face any issues.

Possible Reasons for Ausgrid Power Outage


Here are possible reasons for power outages:

Natural disasters: Natural disasters like earthquakes, rains, storms, flooding, etc., can disrupt the elements of the electric system at many places, such as power lines, poles, etc. During these situations, the technician prioritises important work. There can be power out, which can be long or short according to the severity of the condition.

Maintenance: This is a planned power outage, as timely checkups are important. This ensures that there are no technical failures and large blackouts in the future. Also, maintenance power cuts are notified beforehand.

Technical failures: The electric system comprising transformers, poles, lines, etc., can lead to failures. The technicians assess the faults, which may take longer.

High pressure on the grid: Sometimes, the grid has a high load. Everyone runs a temperature-controlling device, especially if the day is too hot or cold, which may load the grid. To deal with pressure, there is a temporary power cut, which is restored.

Accidents: There can be accidents on the road, accidents by animals, or other mishaps that can damage power lines or power poles. These are notified and repaired as soon as possible.

Essential Products You Can Have to Prevent Ausgrid Power Outage

Here are some products which can help you to prevent blackouts:

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems: UPS can store temporary power when electricity runs. It has various output ports for connecting charging laptops and other light devices during blackouts.

Fuel-based generators: You can use fuel-powered generators like propane, natural gas, diesel, gasoline, etc. They convert mechanical energy to electricity to power your home's needs during blackouts. The drawback is that it requires outdoor installation and may emit harmful gases.

Solar panels: They generate energy at sunlight hours, which can be stored and converted from DC to AC with a power station. The BLUETTI inverter power station with solar panels makes your home energy-independent. The solar panel provides electricity when it is capable of. In case of power cuts or at night, the power system uses stored energy to run appliances. It is economical and environmentally friendly.

Home battery backup solution: Chemical batteries are the top choice for preventing blackouts. They can be recharged with solar panels, AC units, and other sources. Moreover, it has various output ports and can connect to the main line. With their high power and significant storage, they help you in any situation. For example, the BLUETTI home energy solutions have all portable, expandable, flexible, safe, and best power stations.

Also, mobile power banks, flashlights, and other small sources can help you with short power outages.

How to Prepare for Ausgrid Power Outage With BLUETTI? 

Power outages can occur anytime. A planned or unplanned one, you can get away from all the worries with a reliable BLUETTI home energy solution. It features portable power stations, home backup solutions, solar panels and much more.

First, you can determine your home energy needs and choose the most compatible one. They store energy smartly, save bills and are safe for the planet. They offer a great user experience with modular design, expandability, and flexible options.


bluetti ac200maxb230

For example, BLUETTI AC200MAX + B230. It's a 2,200W AC pure sine wave inverter with a 2,048Wh capacity. It comes with a B230 battery, a LiFePO₄ battery with 3,500+ life cycles to 80%.

Moreover, you can expand it to 4,096Wh with 1×B230 or 6,144Wh with 2×B230 and even more. You can recharge it in seven ways (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead Battery/Dual AC/AC+Solar). Plus, it has over 15 output ports having AC units, USB A&C, DC outlets, a wireless charging pad and more for initiating simultaneous and multiple powering of appliances. It is expandable as you can add a battery pack, solar panels and more to customise your needs.

BLUETTI AC200P + B300 

bluetti ac200p

Also, BLUETTI AC200P + B300 is a beast with a 2000W rated power inverter whose energy capacity is 2,000Wh. It can be levelled up with B230 or B300 expansion batteries. For example, you can add two B300 units to get a massive 8,144Wh, sufficient for any power outage.

Also, you recharged it in seven ways (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead battery/Dual AC/AC+Solar). It features 1r versatile outlet for powering multiple devices with various ports.

BLUETTI AC300 + 1*B300 + Solar Panels

bluetti ac300

The BLUETTI AC300 + 1*B300 + Solar Panels is a 3,000W AC pure sine wave inverter. It features a 3,072Wh LiFePO4 battery, which is expandable with 4 × B300 to get 12,288Wh. Moreover, it can be recharged in seven ways: AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead battery/Dual AC/AC+Solar). 

With over 15 output ports, you power multiple devices for significant times. 

This package comes with a B300 battery and 1*PV350 solar panels. This makes a complete package for harnessing the sun’s energy, storing it and powering your home 24/7. You can add extra batteries and panels to customise it according to your needs.

The BLUETTI home energy solutions are premium and safe with LiFePO4 battery. It can be monitored with an App, WiFi, Bluetooth and more. Also, easy installation, great warranties, and prompt customer service make them a valuable addition to your home.

It stores energy smartly to save bills, has less carbon footprint, and is economical. Moreover, it simply means access to power 24/7, which means peace of mind forever. It will enhance your house's value, making it a profitable asset.  

To have the most compatible one, you can look for power output, energy capacity, recharging styles, fast charging, output ports, weight, etc. They are best for powering houses, recreation vehicles, outdoor events, etc.

Final Thoughts

This was all about Ausgrid power outages. Power outages can be planned or unplanned for several reasons. So, always contact the officials and check the website for all the details. According to the severity, it can last for a few hours to even days. So, judge the situation and take precautionary steps. 

Also, adding a powerful, reliable, and efficient BLUETTI power station means energy independence. It stores considerable energy to power your appliances for a significant time. With so many recharging options and outlets, it's one of the best solutions for the home. So, check the range of BLUETTI energy solutions to save and use power smartly.

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