Australian Solar Program: Solar Rebate Victoria 2024

Australian Solar Program: Solar Rebate Victoria 2024

Solar energy from the sun is renewable, eco-friendly, and economical for creating power. Just imagine converting solar energy into electricity with photovoltaic (PV) panels for various tasks like lighting, heating air and water, or other commercial purposes only has benefits.

Luckily, there are many rebates, subsidies and incentives to help all Victoria citizens save energy bills and build a clean future. You can be part of 200,000 Victorians and apply for these perks. So, keep reading to learn more about Victoria's solar rebate, subsidies & incentives in 2024. 

Solar Rebate Victoria 2024 Eligibility

Here are some eligibility conditions you must fulfill to claim various solar power rebates:

  • You should be the owner or occupier of the property where you wish the solar system or applications to be installed. 
  • The total taxable income of the whole family should be less than $180,000 per year.
  • You are eligible if you dont have a solar panel (PV) rebate or solar battery rebate as an owner-occupier under the Solar Homes Program.
  • The property must be valued at under $3 million. If its status is under construction, it should value under $3 million after completion.
  • The property's address should not have received a solar panel (PV) rebate or a solar battery rebate.

If you meet the above eligibility criteria, you can apply for various rebates that suit you best. Contact a trusted solar solution provider and claim the rebate. 

The Victoria Solar Rebate Program ( Loans, Rebates and More)

Here are several Victorian Solar Rebate Programs:

Solar Panel (PV) Rebate

This rebate offers up to $1,400 for solar panel (PV) system installation. Eligible individuals, like homeowners with existing homes, homes under construction and rental properties, can apply for this.

You can further reduce the cost by applying for an interest-free loan equal to the rebate amount. But remember, the loan should be borne over four years or can be paid with one installment too.

Note: Only you are eligible if your property has not installed a solar panel (PV) system after 1 November 2009. However, you can call for a replacement too. 

If you meet all the conditions, you can:

  • Contact an authorized solar provider.
  • The products you choose must be eligible under the program.
  • Then, your retailer will apply for the rebate through the Solar Victoria Portal.
  • Then, after submitting identification proof and necessary documents, you may get the rebate.

Once approved, the retailer will claim the rebate on your installation and minus the rebate amount from the total cost. Then, you can pay the leftover money to the retailer.

Solar Hot Water Rebate

The hot water system comprises 21 percent of total energy use. Therefore, solar hot water and heat pump systems reduce bills and make your home more eco-friendly. The less energy to heat water at home with renewable energy sources only has advantages.

After installation, you may save between $140-$400 per year on electricity bills. To help you with this, a hot water rebate offers up to $1,000 on eligible water heating systems.

To claim this rebate, you should follow all the eligibility criteria mentioned above. Additionally, if you have a hot water system, it should be at least three years old from the date of purchase to claim this rebate.

For its installation, you can follow these steps:

  • Get a quote from the authorized retailer, and they will help you get an eligibility number.
  • Now, apply for the rebate through the hot water rebate portal. You can apply differently through new or existing customer options.
  • Once your application is approved, you can get the installation done.
  • The retailer will deduct the rebate from the amount, and you can pay them the balance.

Also, you can get this rebate immediately if you have broken down or unsafe existing hot water systems. You don't have to wait for the eligibility number in this case.

 Important Note:  The hot water rebate is estimated after any other discounts have been used (including STC and VEEC) and is a 50% rebate on the system's purchase price up to the value of $1000.

Solar Rebate for Rental Properties

The Solar for Rentals program offers eligible rental providers a rebate of up to $1,400 for installing solar panels (PV) on their property. They can also add an interest-free loan.

Moreover, it helps them increase the property's market value and appeal. Furthermore, the benefit of getting a loan reduces the upfront cost.

Solar Battery Loans

This new program allows eligible Victoria citizens to reduce the upfront cost of installing a solar battery. Approximately 500 interest-free loans of up to $8,800 are available in 2023-24. Also, the repayment is made in four years. 

Apart from the eligibility mentioned above conditions, there are some extras too:

  • The property should have a solar panel system with an inverter capacity equal to or greater than 5kW, or conjunction should be installed during solar battery installation.
  • The energy storage solution battery should have a potential equal to or greater than 6kWh. Plus, it should already be on Solar Victoria's battery product list.
  •  Plus, the property should not have a prior energy storage system.
  • It would be best to have pre-approval from your Distributed Network Service Provider (DNSP) to connect the battery to the grid.
  • You can contact the retailer and ask about your eligibility. Finally, you can get a loan on a solar battery after a thorough process and installation.  

Solar for Community Housing

This special rebate program for not-for-profit organizations provides affordable rental housing to low-income homes. In this rebate, several not-for-profit or other organizations can help low-income rentals to get solar panel rebates of up to $1,400.

Moreover, this is a  great chance for all renters to add solar solutions to their households. The provider must be under a non-profit- organization, listed on registered housing, Australian Charities and Not-for-profit commissions, or related to other organizations.

How to apply:

  • You can check eligibility at the official website.
  • Get quotes from authorized retailers.
  • You can submit the verification proofs, household information etc. 
  • Submit the application.

After successful acceptance, you can initiate the process.

Changes and Updates for 2024

Here are some recent updates:

  • There will be 53,000 rebates allocated for delivering Solar panel rebates and interest-free loans. 
  •  Hot water rebates of $1,000 will have 4,500 available in 2023-24.
  • The Solar Rebate Program aims to offer 4,500 interest-free loans of up to $8,800 each to be delivered through the Solar Homes Program.

With this, Solar Victoria has also issued a notice to the market for 2023–24, which will offer requirements to support the stability of the energy grid. This is due to the increasing demand for the area's solar solution. Solar Victoria asked to improve security and quality measures to meet future energy needs while guarding consumers and employees with new needs.

So, explore all the rebates, incentives, loans, and subsidies on the official page. You should fulfill all the requirements and work with an authorized retailer. These solar solutions will help you adopt green energy, which is very affordable and future-friendly. 

Why You Must Choose BLUETTI

Having solar solutions at home has several benefits. It's a one-time investment, environmentally friendly, reduces bills and much more.

But you should know that the solar energy solution creates the power but doesn't store it. Moreover, the extra power is sold to the grid. Plus, you may face a power outage if there is a blackout.

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Add  BLUETTI is for all solar panels

Note: All the BLUETTI home battery backup systems are compatible with solar panels and enhance the solar solution even more. It helps you achieve 24*7 for various tasks.

Moreover, all the BLUETTI home battery backup systems are convenient, reasonable and durable. You can choose your products or call directly for assistance. A complete energy system helps you perform all the necessary tasks at home. Moreover, the one-time installation, post assistance and amazing custom service let you rely on the products for years. 

Benefits of home battery backup for solar solutions:

  • It helps you have access to power 24*7.
  • According to the power and storage, it can run many appliances.
  •  It enables you to have electricity if there is some problem in the grid.
  •  You can store extra energy at home, which the solar panels generate.

Furthermore, it gives you peace of mind that you have access to power 24*7. So, explore all the home backup systems according to your home requirements. 

Final Thoughts

This was all about the Victoria Solar rebate, subsidies and incentives in 2024. Every year, the government aims to increase the budget and develop new schemes to help households and businesses adopt various solar solutions. These rebates are numbered, so you must contact the authorized dealer to initiate the procedure and installation.

Remember to fulfill all eligibility criteria and let the retailers thoroughly inspect your place before installation. This will ensure a smooth installation that will last for years. Moreover, welcoming the BLUETTI home battery system would be best to power up your solar installation. It will help you store power so you never get stuck in a power outage. 

So, contact BLUETTI today to choose the best home battery backup.


1. What is the current solar rebate in Victoria?

The solar rebate value is $1,400 on solar panels and solar for rentals. In comparison, it's $1000 for hot water. There are various programs, and the rebate value may also fluctuate according to unique conditions and requirements.

2. Is it worth installing solar panels in Victoria?

Yes, installing solar panels in Victoria is absolutely worth it. There are enough sunny days which can produce energy for years. Also, with solar rebate programs, the upfront cost is reduced a lot. With continuous use, you will save a lot on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

3. How long does it take to process the Victoria Solar rebate?

It may take around five business days to approve your eligibility and applications. After that, you can initiate the installation with the help of the authorized retailer.

4. When does the solar rebate end in Victoria?

The solar rebate program in Victoria has no end date yet. It is planned to continue till 2030. However, it has some fixed amounts of rebates.

5. Do I need council approval to install solar panels in Victoria?

In most cases, you don't need it. However, the authorized solar retailer will visit the installation site if there are any issues like heritage list properties, panel-facing streets, etc., and then they will guide you accordingly. 

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