The Newest Inskip Point Camping Guide 2023

The Newest Inskip Point Camping Guide 2023

Inskip Point is an idyllic haven along the scenic coastline of the Inskip peninsula. The most spectacular camping destination is located north of Rainbow Beach, about 250 km from Brisbane. The eastern side of Inskip Point boasts the Pacific Ocean, while on the north is majestic Fraser Island. It's also called the gateway to the Great Sandy Strait and Tin Can Bay on its western side. 

Inskip Point camping is one of a kind experience with a wealth of outdoor adventures. Sandy beaches, lush landscapes, and towering palm trees surround the campsites. Inskip Point is a place to come and embrace nature while making cherished memories. There are seven campsites in the Inskip Point camping area. We’ll explore all the sites to let you single out the best ones.

This guide has everything you need to know before camping at Inskip Point. From guided map to the campground, recreational activities to enjoy, and precautions to take. Let’s begin!

Inskip Point Camping Map

Reaching the Inskip Point Recreational Reserve is easy; your adventure starts when you try to get to the campsites. If you’re coming from Brisbane, you will have to drive 250 km and take the turn-off to Rainbow Beach. From there, drive another 9km north to reach Inskip Point. 

There's another option to access Inskip Point Camping from the beach. You'll have to take the Noosa North Shore Ferry. Board the ferry on your car for the water journey; the ferry will leave you on a direct road to Inskip Point.

After you've reached Inskip Point, you can go to the campsite you have booked. There are seven sites spread in all directions. Most areas don't have easy access; you must ensure your vehicle's compatibility with the route. 

Inskip Point Camping Permits

You must buy Inskip Point camping permits in advance; there are limited camping sites; therefore, availability is an issue. The prices for camping permits are not high; regular Queensland National Parks camping fees apply. There are two options: buy permits per person per night or a family (Two adults and children) per night.

Here are some camping permit rules you must follow:

  • On-spot booking is allowed, but online booking of the campsite in advance is recommended.
  • You cannot change your campsite without changing your booking beforehand.
  • The camping permit number allotted to you must be displayed at your campsite. 
  • You must buy a vehicle permit to drive on the beach (only 4wd drive vehicles). 
  • The camping duration must not exceed 30 days.

7 Camping areas at Inskip Point

There are seven camping areas, each offering a unique blend of wild and oceanic beauty. Almost all the campsites have access to the crystal-clear ocean, while some are right at the beachfront. Let’s explore each campsite to find out what it has to offer.

Pelican Bay Camping Area

pelican bay camping area

The Pelican Bay camping area is a secluded site on the western side of Inskip Point overlooking Tin Can Bay. The campsite is wondrous, with stunning views, a beachfront, and a calming shady campground. Due to the sandy terrain, you can only access the site on a 4WD vehicle. There are no toilets or other facilities, yet the adventure is fulfilling. 

Dorrigo South Camping Area

dorrigo south camping area

The Dorrigo South campsite is located within the enchanting wilderness of the Inskip Point road. It's close to the famous double island walking point and near to Pelican Bay. The site is only accessible by 4WD vehicles due to muddy and rocky terrain. There are not many facilities except for garbage disposal bins. 

SS Dorrigo Campground

ss dorrigo campground

The SS Dorrigo Campground is ahead of the Dorrigo South Camping area off Inskip Point Road. The campground has multiple small campsites close to each other. Only two campsites are accessible by 2WD, while the rest are deep in the wild and can only be accessed by 4WD vehicles. The campground is equipped with toilet facilities with wheel-chair access and garbage disposals.

MV Natone Camping Area

mv natone camping area

MV Natone Camping Area is a scenic destination offering 360-degree views of the Pacific Ocean, Wide Bay Bar, and Fraser Island. It is located on the western side of Inskip Point under the towering palm trees. The campsite is only accessible by 4WD vehicles from Inskip Point Road or the beach. You can enjoy boating, fishing, or swimming in the calm waters. 

MV Beagle Camping Area

mv beagle camping area

MV Beagle Camping is located at the far end of Inskip Point Peninsula, closer to Fraser Island, with the ocean between the two natural wonders.

The campsites are accessible by both 2WD and 4WD vehicles. However, the beach route is for 4WD vehicles only. You can enjoy sunsets at the beach or behold the majestic Fraser Island. The camping area also has toilet blocks and waste bins. 

MV Sarawak Camping Area

mv sarawak camping area

MV Sarawak is the largest camping area at Inskip Point. It sees the most people due to the shady and cozy campsites. The site offers mesmerizing ocean views with easy access to the beach. The campsites are accessible by any vehicle and have a toilet facility. The waters are usually calm near the MV Sarawak Camping area; you can enjoy various watersport activities.

MV Sarawak West Camping Area

mv sarawak west camping area

MV Sarawak West is an adventure spot and a perfect place for a comfortable camping experience. It offers access to the gushing waters of Tin Can Bay inlet and the Pacific Ocean. There are multiple campsites; some are easily accessible, while some require 4WD vehicles. The site is also equipped with essential toilet facilities and garbage disposals. 

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Inskip Point Camping Essential Facilities

Inskip Point camping is not part of any national park; therefore, the facilities are limited. What makes it unique are the beaches and scenic locations. Moreover, the national park's rules don't apply to Inskip Point, which makes camping much more convenient. Here are all the facilities you can expect:

Toilets: Although toilets are available at most campsites, they're not regular but drop ones with limited water use. 

Waste Bins: All campsites have waste bins, especially at the entrances. You can dispose of your waste easily. The bins are collected daily. 

Vehicle Parking: You can park your vehicle at the campsite subject to the accessibility. Most sites are only accessible by high-clearance 4WD vehicles. 

Pets: Pets are allowed in the camping areas without any restrictions. However, it is recommended to keep pets on leash due to the wild nature of the site. 

Campfires: Unlike campsites in national parks, campfires are allowed in the Inskip Point camping. Be a responsible citizen and properly extinguish campfires after use. 

Essential Precautions for Inskip Point Camping

There are certain precautions you must take when camping at Inskip Point. If you're coming with children, you need to be very careful. Here are the dangers at Inskip Point camping:

  • You should avoid swimming during high tides; the ocean waves are extreme.
  • Vehicles are allowed on the beach, be watchful of your kids. Plus, driving on the beach is also tricky.
  • The Inskip Point road passes through the campsites. Make sure to take road precautions to ensure safety.
  • The sun can be very harsh if your campsite is not properly under shade. Take steps to avoid sunburn and heatstroke.
  • Sinkholes are rare but happen around Inskip Point. 
  • Campfires are the most common cause of bushfires; extinguish campfires properly. 

Tips for Inskip Point Camping

Here are some tips to make your Inskip Point camping experience relaxed and enjoyable. Follow these tips, and you'll have the best time around in Inskip Point:

Pack Essentials

Take plenty of water and non-perishable food. If you plan to cook your meals, you must bring cookware, stove, and utensils. You must include sand pegs and clean firewood in your camping equipment. Plus, it is advisable to get insect repellent and sunscreen. 

Weather Updates

 Make your plan according to the weather forecast. It's not worth it to camp during wet weather at Inskip Point. Access to campsites becomes impossible due to the rough terrain. 

Portable Toilet 

The toilets at Inskip Point are not regular ones. Hygiene and cleanliness are concerning; therefore, you should bring a portable toilet. There are designated points to dispose of toilet waste. 

Power Supply

There's no power supply in the whole of the Inskip Point. You must arrange something to fulfill your power needs. Here are the options you have;

You can buy the BLUETTI AC180 Solar Portable Power Station, which is designed for use during camping adventures. The device can run all electric appliances seamlessly with its long-lasting battery capacity. Plus, you can avoid generator restrictions in the campsites and use power throughout the day.

The power station is highly portable with a hand-carry option. You can take it with you for fishing, swimming, or watching the sunset at the beach. The device is also controllable from a mobile application to add more to your convenience. What if the battery dies? Don't worry; you can charge it with solar power or your vehicle. 

If you’re a larger group, you should go for BLUETTI AC200P Solar Generator Kit; it has a complete package to fulfill all your power needs. The generator has an enormous capacity of 2,000Wh and has a multi-recharge facility. You can stay off-grid and charge it with solar panels or vehicle generators. It also has fast-recharge technology, so you don't have to wait for the power. 

bluetti pv200 kit

The solar generator kit is sent with BLUETTI PV200 Solar Panels; these solar panels are compatible to fast-recharge the kit. Plus, they’re made using durable and waterproof material for use in the wild. The complete kit can fit in our car trunk; the solar panels are foldable and lightweight. If you're a camping enthusiast, this kit is a must-buy. 

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, the guide will prove helpful to you. Please, follow our camping tips and prepare for an enjoyable camping experience at Inskip Point. You should choose the camping area keeping in mind the accessibility and facilities. Enjoy your camping trip!

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