The Definitive Kangaroo Valley Camping Guide for 2023

The Definitive Kangaroo Valley Camping Guide for 2023

Planning a trip to Kangaroo Valley camping in 2023 to grab the fantastic views? Well, you've selected a place worth visiting because this place is packed with various adventurous activities. The Kangaroo River mainly attracts people who want to enjoy a great picnic spot and some like walking across the historic Hampden Suspension Bridge. Hiring canoes to explore the river is another common practice of most tourists.

The valley is filled with cultural heritage and mesmerizing natural beauty. You can enjoy nature camping with your loved ones as an outdoor activity; this is a great way to escape your monotonous life. The serene, breathtaking surroundings and abundant wildlife await you in this valley. 

Some popular campgrounds include Carrington Falls Campground, Bendeela Recreation Area, Kangaroo Valley Holiday Haven, Lake Yarrunga and Tallowa Dam Camping, Glenmack Caravan Park, etc.

So why not visit the irresistible Kangaroo Valley with this definitive guide in 2023?

Things to Consider Before Hopping on the Close-to-Nature Holiday

  • There may be flood debris on the campsite. Be flexible and try moving to a higher campsite.
  • Do not feed wildlife, and never litter. Hang all the rubbish high or put it in your car’s boot or caravan. This is because smells can attract wildlife looking for scrapes.
  • Camping etiquette dictates that campers stick to their assigned space so they don’t infringe on others. If you pitch a tent, leave as much space as possible between you and other campers.
  • You should always stick to your assigned area and not intrude on others. Consider the position of the opening of the tent.
  • You can take a shower camp which does not take up a lot of space and is great for your camping adventures and caravanning. They let you keep your hair dry while showering and can help you pack up your dirty and wet shoes.
  • Driving 45 minutes will take you to a gorgeous vineyard, rainforest babbling brook or beach. Your children or pets can enjoy those places without traveling for too long.

Kangaroo Valley and its Most Popular Camping Sites

Before deciding on which camping site you wish to visit in the Kangaroo Valley, it’s crucial to know your options. It’s not just visiting any camping site you can access, instead the real adventure is to reach the one where you will have the real fun.

So why not check out all the available options?

Bendeela Recreation Area

bendeela recreation area

With its wide-open spaces, lush grass, giant trees along the riverbank, and a backdrop of rugged hills and forest, Bendeela is a popular spot for camping. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and get a chance to reconnect with nature. Popular activities include swimming, canoeing, fishing, and wildlife spotting.

Kangaroo Valley Glenmack Park

kangaroo valley glenmack park

Located in the exact middle of the stunning Kangaroo Valley beside the Kangaroo River, Glenmack Park offers mesmerizing mountain views in all directions and is landscaped to enhance the view. Glenmack Park is the perfect spot for a family gathering, with various activities nearby.

Acacia Flat

acacia flat

Nestled deep in the Grose Valley Wilderness, Acacia Flat campground offers remote camping in the Blue Mountains. This stunning location will captivate you, but getting in is challenging. Accessed by walking tracks from either Perrys lookdown or Pierces Pass, you'll camp amongst the rough-barked apple and stringybarks.

Holiday Haven Kangaroo Valley

holiday haven kangaroo valley

This is the ultimate country escape, with rustic charm, rolling paddocks, a local historic village, and breathtaking views. Holiday Haven Kangaroo Valley, between the main township and the castle-like Hampden suspension bridge, is the ideal place to unwind and escape the outside world. 

Gales Flat Campground

Gales Flat Campground is a challenging walk-in campground in a secluded part of Morton National Park. Isolated and stunning, surrounded by towering sandstone cliffs, Pitch your tent on the grass around the trees as it will let you admire the sandstone cliffs that tower overhead. 

Griffins Farm campground

griffins farm campground

It is a great campsite when considering Kangaroo Valley camping. It's only accessible via walk-in. If you come in from Meryla Pass, it's probably easier. Are you planning to trek or cycle the 11km Griffins walking track in Morton National Park? Think about stopping at the peaceful Griffins Farm campground at night.

Kangaroo River Nature Reserve

kangaroo river nature reserve

In the early 2000s, this beauty of nature, Kangaroo River Nature Reserve, came into being. The walking track goes about 3.5 kilometers down to the water’s edge. There is a remote and peaceful spot where you can swim, fish, go birdwatching, canoeing, and other camping opportunities. This reserve now has a protective covenant to preserve the place’s natural heritage. 

Carrington Falls Campground

carrington falls campground

The impressive Carrington Falls waterfall is a great spot to visit. It is not a very big ground. Carrington Falls campground is quite simple and small and is adjacent to the Kangaroo River. It gives you a great spot to set up your camp. This lovely and captivating campground is located high in the Blue Mountains. The surroundings of this place are stunning and striking. 

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Tips for Kangaroo Valley Camping

Consider Kangaroo Valley camping if you want healthy outdoor activity. You can take your family, friends, colleagues, or pets to enjoy. This recreational activity brings no competition, making it much better than other options. 

You can try Kangaroo Valley camping to get out of your monotonous, full-of-stress modern life. You will be able to connect with your planet in a more profound way. You must keep a few things with yourself to make it a better experience. 

So following are a few tips you must consider while you enjoy your trip. 

Keep a lantern

bluetti lantern

Keep this good-looking substitute for your lights at night when camping. It can provide you with ample light when you are out camping. Depending on that, you can see how much brightness you need and find a less or more intense lantern. Note that higher brightness can also translate into lesser battery life. 

A good lantern will provide sufficient light even in the most rugged conditions. You can check out BLUETTI Camping Lantern. A high-quality product from a reliable company to light up your camping experience. You will have different modes to get the exact illumination you want. Enjoy the rechargeable and waterproof features, making it extremely useful for camping. SOS flash has also been included in this lantern. 

Battery to Power Your Appliances

Taking a portable battery with you is an excellent choice, as it lets you stay connected to the world and use the appliances you bring. For example, you might need a kettle, hot plate, small fans, or any other electronic device. Be sure to get one that is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. 

It is best to choose batteries according to your own needs. If you are without a power station, all other appliances you take with you will be futile. You should consider a BLUETTI AC300 + 1*B300 portable power station that can keep you powered up throughout. A fantastic option for campers who love to stay on the sites for several days. It comes with a 4-year-long warranty, making it a safe investment. You will be saved from any emergency situations, enabling you to change the charging rate as you want. So you can even charge faster to make things quick.

Get a bag for your power station

bluetti bag

Consider BLUETTI Carrying Case Bag, as you will need one in rugged condition. The portable power station you are carrying is required to be kept safe, and to do so, you have to keep it in a safe, durable bag. The size of the bag needs to be considered according to the battery you want to keep in it. 

BLUETTI knows the best ways to keep a portable power station. Benefit from this highly sturdy product because its durability makes it a must-have. Carry handles and shoulder straps make it even easier to handle this bag. 

Other Handy Things You Might Need

You are away from your home’s comfort, so you must plan accordingly. Your preparation depends on how long and what kind of place you are camping at. Keep spare flashlights, wet tissues, nonperishable food, and sleeping bags. 

Make a list of things that are a must for you, and check off the things as you assemble your backpack. The adventure lies in the little uncertainty, but you can stay as prepared as you can, as it will also improve your overall experience.

Final Thoughts

Kangaroo Valley, a small town in Australia, is a great place to have this kind of adventure. This place is amazingly beautiful and is packed with fun activities. Camping can teach you a lot and prove very exciting if you have an excellent overall experience. 

Adhere to well-reviewed products for your camping adventure to stay carefree. You will not have to worry about any difficult situations if you come to the campsite in preparation. BLUETTI has covered you because they have everything you need for an adventurous camping experience. They will elevate your experience in this tranquil valley. 

So make your loved ones come along and prepare for a great stay at this beautiful valley. 

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